Choosing midwifery-led care was the right choice for me and my family and we have now experienced two beautiful births in Midwifery Group Practice (MGP). My pregnancy, birth and postnatal care were exceptional. I felt like our midwives actually listened to us and what we wanted, treated my husband and I like a team and genuinely cared about us. All decisions were ours to be made and I felt safe and supported. (Marnie, Mother)

First steps

Discover the remarkable experience of midwifery care during your pregnancy - we’re in this together.

More comprehensive care

We aim to make this journey the best and safest for you - we’re in this together.

Your baby is nearly here

Let us walk this journey with you - we’re in this together.

Continued Care

Even after your baby arrives, we’ll be here for you - we’re in this together.

Support through the Ups and Downs

Begin and complete your pregnancy journey with a midwife - we’re in this together.

Being a Privately Practising Midwife means building mutual respect and trust between a midwife, a client and her family by caring for women through private pregnancy, birth and post-birth care. Promoting and supporting individualised care choices with women leads to better outcomes for the mother and newborn, giving greater satisfaction with the birthing experience. (Sue, midwife)

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