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Supporting neurodivergent people in pregnancy birth & beyond
This panel is hosted by ACM Midwifery Advisor Tani Paxton.

Kate Elliott-RM BSc. Hons: Endorsed Midwife, PhD Candidate, ADHD Advocate.
Kate Elliott is a seasoned midwife with over 16 years of dedicated service, a determined PhD candidate, and a passionate advocate for ADHD awareness and neurodivergent empowerment. Currently, she resides and practices on the traditional and unceded territories of the Whadjuk Nyoongar people, where her journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and stimulation, extensive midwifery practice across four continents, and an unwavering commitment to transformative healthcare, education, and ADHD advocacy.
With a profound understanding of ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions, Kate, along with many of her loved ones, brings a lived experience perspective to her advocacy efforts. Her fervor for assisting individuals in understanding and mastering their ADHD has driven her to create invaluable tools and support systems, particularly focusing on the intersection of ADHD and pregnancy. Kate's path in midwifery is imbued with deep reverence for ancestral lands and a resolute dedication to comprehensive healthcare and informed choice. As a highly skilled Endorsed midwife, Kate's commitment extends beyond the delivery room. She champions the creation of a nurturing and inclusive environment for every individual embarking on their birthing journey. Her expertise and empathetic approach have made her an indispensable ally during the most intimate and transformative moments in people's lives.
PhD Pursuits and Advocacy: Kate's academic journey as a PhD candidate is a testament to her passion for advancing maternal and infant health, elevating midwifery practice standards, and integrating trauma-informed care into midwifery services.

Johanna Badenhorst-Educational Developmental Psychologist, Director at Holistic Wellness Psychology. BPSYCH(HONS)/MPSYCH (ED&DEV)/MAPS
Johanna Badenhorst, a mother of two, and an Educational Developmental Psychologist with a profound passion for neurodiversity and perinatal mental health. Johanna's holistic approach to therapy embraces the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. She treats each individual as a unique whole, addressing their complexities and richness, and providing personalised, nurturing care.
Johanna's expertise extends to supporting mothers through their matrescence journey, offering compassion and understanding during challenging times, including Antenatal and Postnatal Depression/Anxiety. Also appreciating collaborative care for mothers, Johanna works with other healthcare professionals like midwives, obstetricians, GPs, to ensure comprehensive and well-rounded care for her female clients.
Like many women, Johanna had a late diagnosis of ADHD, and her own lived experience with ADHD has fuelled her dedication to the cause of neurodiversity. With a keen interest in the holistic well-being of neurodiverse individuals, she hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the field of psychology.

Allison Davies creates online resources for parents, educators and support staff and works with schools to deliver professional development around the topics of childhood brain development and the use of music as a regulatory tool. She is an independent liberatory scholar currently exploring the gatekeeping and classism of the social construct ‘musical vs non musical’.
Alli is an autistic person with attention, sensory processing and executive functioning difficulties. She works within a neurodiversity framework that favours deep acceptance and regulation over assimilation and intervention, and shares her lived experience of autism openly within her seminars, workshops and conferences as part of her ‘emotive storytelling mixed with science’ approach to education. In 2016 Alli was named a ‘National AMP Tomorrow Maker’ for her contribution to supporting Australian families through her 2 day workshop, Brains = Behaviours.
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Kate Elliot - Johanna Badenhorst - Allison Davies

Thursday, 16 November 2023
Duration: 56 Minutes

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Supporting neurodivergent people in pregnancy birth & beyond
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