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National Virtual Conference - Series


The 2021 ACM National Conference has gone virtual! We couldn't get together face to face due to COVID-19 but we have a created a conference that showcases the extraordinary work being done in all areas of midwifery.

National Virtual Conference - Session 1
State of the world's Midwifery Report 2021: The implication for Australia and our region. Presented by Professor Caroline Homer. Midwives’ and doct...
Caroline Homer Zoe Bradfield Linda Sweet Fran Hearn Heather Wallace Teoni McHale
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135 Minutes
National Virtual Conference - Session 2
A Bridge to Health: The Cross Cultural Workers in Maternity and Child and Family Health for women and families from migrant and refugee background. Pr...
Helen Rogers Rebeccah Bartlett Debbi Sutherland Jennifer Wood Katie Farrel
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100 Minutes
National Virtual Conference - Session 3
Acuneedling for Midwives. Presented by Heidi Williams and Kate Levett. Physiological plateaus during normal labour and birth: Mapping the evidence....
Heidi Williams Kate Levett Marina Weckend Leonie Rastas Louise McKellar Vidanka Vasilevski Linda Sweet
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90 Minutes
National Virtual Conference - Session 4
Liberation, Transcendence and Transformation: the value of water immersion for labour and birth. Presented by Dr Megan Cooper. ‘My Postnatal Suppor...
Megan Cooper Lisa White Jane Sandall
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75 Minutes
National Virtual Conference - Session 5
Intrapartum interventions and outcomes for women and children following induction of labour at term in uncomplicated pregnancies over 16 years in NSW....
Hannah Dahlen Christine Catling Lyndel Gray Bec Jenkinson Zoe Bradfield Simone Naughton
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120 Minutes
National Virtual Conference - Session 6
Does place of birth matter? Presented by Dr Vanessa Scarf. Into the breech: A multi-national e-Delphi study exploring breech presentation and birth...
Vanessa Scarf Sara Morris Natasha Donnolley Courtney Barnes
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105 Minutes
National Virtual Conference - Session 7
PechaKucha Development of a Graduate Midwife Mentoring Program. Presented by Sara Bayes. Maternity pandemic care, what do women need in the future...
Sara Bayes Rebecca Hyde Katherine O'Driscoll Donna Hartz Melanie Tulloch Nicole Greig
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70 Minutes
National Virtual Conference - Session 8
Red flags and gut feelings: perceptions of domestic and family violence screening and detection program in a large maternity department following an o...
Kathleen Baird Melanie Tulloch Catherine Dunphy Susan Harvey
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65 Minutes
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