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All content on our website is grouped under 'topic groups' to make it easier for you to find and quickly access information and resources you are interested in, and be notified about any new content relating to your areas of interest each time to visit our website.

All news items, events and resources we publish on our website are allocated to at least one relevant Midwifery Interest Group and one Regional Interest Group. Questions posted in our Q&A are also allocated to a group so that you can quickly see if someone has posted a question or answer about a topic you are interested in.

Once you join the groups you are interested in, items will be 'recommended' for you when you visit the website, and you will receive notifications in your Member Portal about any new content relating to the Interest Groups you have selected (go to your Member Portal, see My Notifications on the left of your screen).

How do I select which Interest Groups I want to join?

You may also visit the Interest Groups pages at any time to quickly see any Upcoming Events, Latest News, Resources and Q&A relating to that group.

You may join as many groups as you wish (click on the group, and click Join), and update and change your selections at any time (click on the group, and click Leave This Group).

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