Find a midwifery student to accompany you throughout your pregnancy journey.

Midwifery students are individuals who are passionate midwives in training, and they are looking for pregnant women to work with. If you are interested in having a student midwife share your pregnancy journey, read on to find out what it is all about.

What is a 'Continuity of Care Experience'*?

Midwifery students are required as a component of their formal studies to work directly with women in what is often called a Continuity of Care Experience (COCE) – where the students follow the woman through her pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey. COCE is a journey of learning for both the student and the woman as they develop a relationship of trust and respect. The experience embeds the midwifery concept of woman-centred care into the student’s learning and enables them to develop skills and knowledge that will become the basis of their ongoing practice. 

For women who are not in a ‘continuity of care’ model, this is a fabulous opportunity to benefit from having a familiar person caring for you throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

*you may hear about the program under a number of other terms such as ‘Follow Through’, ‘Follow Through Experiences’, ‘Mothers adopting Midwifery Students’ (MAMS), ‘Call the Midwifery Student’, ‘Continuity of Care Program’, etc.

What does it mean for you?

  • You get to choose whether you want to have a student follow your pregnancy, and you can change your mind if circumstances or your preferences change.

  • You will get to know a passionate and knowledgeable student who will accompany you through your pregnancy journey. You will develop a trustful relationship with them and benefit from real woman-centred care.

  • The student will attend some of your antenatal and postnatal appointments, and also be at your labour and birth where possible. They will always be under the direct supervision of a midwife or doctor.

  • You will be providing a future midwife with an amazing, unique and vital learning experience and so be contributing to the profession of the future!

There are proven benefits to use a continuity of care model, both to you and your baby. Visit our ‘Continuity of Care page for a comprehensive list.

Find a student for your journey: contact a university now!

Each university that offers a course for individuals wishing to become midwives will have a different way for you to register your interest in having a student join you on your pregnancy journey. Below are details for universities that have provided information – some universities have provided brochures and they are available for you to see, download and print from the table below (click the word ‘brochure’ at the relevant university and the file will open in a new page).

*All universities have been offered the opportunity to provide details for this resource, however not all universities that offer midwifery are listed. You can see a full list of universities that offer midwifery in our career information section.


Griffith University:

Contact the Bachelor of Midwifery Clinical Placement Officer: (07) 3382 1476 or

James Cook University:

See brochure and/or visit their website for more information.

University of the Sunshine Coast:

Contact the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine:

Australian Catholic University (Brisbane):

Midwifery Students Continuity of Care Experience (CCE) - Visit their website for more information

Southern Cross University (Coffs Harbour & Gold Coast):

See brochure. Women may also contact our Midwifery Professional Experience Leader on Phone: (07) 5589 3235 Email:


Western Sydney University:

Women are advised to make a request via the hospital where they are birthing.

University of Technology:

See brochure. Women can ask at the hospital for a student midwife to care for them.


Charles Darwin University:

Continuity of Midwifery Care Program. See brochure.


Flinders University:

Call the Midwifery Student Program. Visit their website for more information.

University of South Australia:

Call the Midwifery Student Program. Visit their website for more information.


Deakin University:

Women are encouraged to self-refer. Email the university contact to be matched with a student: Deakin midwifery students are located in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool so there are many options available and areas covered.

Victoria University:

The contact person is the Course Chair - Midwifery Dr Gina Kruger. Gina's contact is

Monash University:

The contact person is the Course Convenor Anne Tremayne. Anne's contact is (03) 9904 4018, or

La Trobe University (Bundoora and Bendigo):

See brochure. For women living in the Loddon Mallee and Hume regions please contact: or phone 03 5444 7147; For women living in Melbourne please contact: or phone 03 9479 6681

Federation University Australia:

We place students in a large number of rural and metropolitan hospitals throughout Victoria, with a smaller number of interstate placements. In the first instance we encourage women to contact the hospital they will be attending, or to contact the Program Coordinator via email to :

Australian Catholic University:

Midwifery Students Continuity of Care Experience (CCE) - Visit their website for more information


Edith Cowan University:

Mothers Adopting Midwifery Students. Visit their website for more information.

Curtin University:

Midwifery Matters: the Continuity of Care Experience. See brochure.

You may also come in contact with a midwifery student through social groups and the community, in hospital or other antenatal clinic rooms while waiting for an appointment (some of the hospitals are set up to ask women when they come for their first appointment if they would like to have a student work with them), or through a friend if they have had a positive experience.

If you are asked to have a student follow your pregnancy, please consider saying yes, but always remember if it is not for you, then it is OK to say no.

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