Webinar Recording: Shiatsu for Midwives

Webcast 29 July 2014
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Webcast 29 July 2014

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About the Presenter

We are pleased to present this webinar facilitated by Suzanne Yates from the UK.

Suzanne studied Shiatsu in the 1980's and set up Well Mother in Bristol, UK, in 1990 to support the wisdom of parents and babies with bodywork, primarily Shiatsu. After building up her expertise in the field, which included working with midwives and doing an audit on Shiatsu for induction at her local hospital, St Michaels, she began teaching health professionals including midwives about Shiatsu. Suzanne’s book “Shiatsu for Midwives” was published in 2003 and since then she has also published “Beautiful Birth” for parents and “Pregnancy and Childbirth” for practitioners working with maternity clients. She regularly writes blogs on her website explaining the relevance of Shiatsu, especially in the maternity field. Suzanne teaches internationally, regularly visiting America, Australasia and Europe. She has written numerous articles on the subject and has spoken at many international events.

About the Webinar

The presentation includes:

  • Understanding a little more about the relevance of Shiatsu for midwives
  • Theoretic basis of Shiatsu
  • Touch based skills you can include in your practice
  • Detailed knowledge of some specific acupuncture points (specifically including some of those about which there are many myths circulating).

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