Webinar Recording: Feldenkrais and the Pelvic Floor

Webcast 8 February 2016
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Webcast 8 February 2016. Presented by Francesca White

What you will learn about?

Practical information about pelvic floor health and awareness.

Thouroughly understand the different muscles and sphincters of the pelvic floor, to be better informed when working with women. 

About the Presenter

This audio presentation is by Francesca White, who graduated from the first Feldenkrais Training Program in Melbourne in 1991, held under the umbrella of LaTrobe University School of Occupational Therapy. She also has a background in Psychology. 

Following her personal experience with extensive pelvic floor surgery, she found that The Feldenkrais  Method® offered the clearest, easiest and fastest solution to her recovery.

She is a Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer and has trained practitioners in North and South America, Europe and New Zealand. She runs an inner Melbourne practice and works as a casual teacher at Melbourne University with students of opera who learn how to find the connection between their voice and their pelvic floor.


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