Webinar Recording: Courageous Conversations

Webcast 21 December 2016
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Webcast 21 December 2016. Presented by Ilze Jaunberzins.

About the webinar

Managing inappropriate behaviour is a core requirement of any midwife. Confidently delivering the message will also soother your neurology which automatically "alarms" just by thinking about having one. 

This Webinar will cover:

  • Explain why we are triggered into flight or flight
  • What are the cascades of emotions when thinking about the conversation
  • What are the 7 detrimental effects of cortisol 
  • Take command of your nerves though practice
  • Construct courageous conversations using a 6 step process
  • Practice delivery of the courageous conversation

About the Presenter

First starting as a primary school teacher, Ilze has had a long career in nursing.  After 20 years in the public service, an episode of workplace bullying made Ilze curious about behaviour.

She found the answer in the emotional brain.  Since that discovery Ilze became fascinated about the capacities of the other human brains.

Harnessing the seven brains Ilze has designed and facilitates PowerMind Leadership Coaching. 
She has facilitated leadership courses to over 1000 nurses and midwives  nationally and internationally and is contracted by Ausmed and Australian College of Nursing to deliver leadership courses and coaching.

Ready to charge up your brain and delve into the neuroscience of courageous conversations to effectively manage professional boundaries? 


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