Human Rights in Childbirth and Midwifery Care – Joining Hands to Change the 21st Century for Any Woman, Anywhere - Bashi Hazard

Bashi Hazard is an Australian lawyer and the principal of B W Law, a legal practice directed at assisting women and children, and the Legal Director of the ANZ arm of the Human Rights in Childbirth (HRiC) International Lawyers Network. Bashi’s background is in competition and consumer law and litigation, developed while working for several years with Allens in Sydney, immediately after graduating with first class honours in Law and Economics from the University of Sydney. Under her maiden surname “Kumar”, Bashi
has written and spoken on issues relating to competition and trade practices law, legal professional privilege and the ethics of free speech and the philosophy of law. Bashi’s focus in law expanded soon after she had her first child. From her own experiences, Bashi became aware of the widespread impact of current obstetric models of care on the emotional health and wellbeing of mothers. That awareness took her back to working with fundamental ethical principles and human rights law and forming networks with human rights lawyers in the USA, Netherlands, UK and Europe, with whom she now works closely to develop a legal discourse around the human rights of women in pregnancy and childbirth. Bashi is mother to three amazing young children, teaches ethics and grows orchids.

In October 2015, Bashi spoke to the ACM National conference about human rights in childbirth and maternity care.

ACM2015 Keynote Speaker: Bashi Hazard from Australian College of Midwives on Vimeo.