BFHI Information Pack - Community Facilities

The BFHI Information Pack will help you prepare your community service for BFHI assessment.

BFHI Information Pack for Community Facilities

This pack contains all of the resources you need to prepare for assessment Example BFHI Badge as well as the documents you will need to complete and submit via email as part of the application process.

Once the facility is ready for assessment, the facility must submit to the BFHI Manager 4-6 months prior to the proposed assessment dates, the following documents:

  1. Request for assessment form;

  2. Financial agreement form;

  3. BFHI self-appraisal;

  4. BFHI data for the most recent 12 months (Jan-Jun & Jul-Dec or Jul-Dec & Jan-Jun) using the BFHI Excel spreadsheet. Required for facilities applying for accreditation for the first time. (Already accredited facilities are required to submit data bi-annually); and

  5. Copy of the facility’s breastfeeding policy.

For further information about booking in for assessment, please contact the BFHI Manager at


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