The Council is a standing committee of the Board consisting of a representative of each state and territory, which provides advice and support to the Board in accordance with its terms of reference and promotes service provision at the regional level.

The Council:

  • supports the Board by monitoring the professional and strategic environment for midwives and the midwifery profession, including research, regulation and resourcing at sub-national levels;
  • supports the Board to identify opportunities at the sub-national level, particularly in relation to business development and advocacy;
  • supports the Board in monitoring Branch activities, including consistent implementation of strategies, sharing lessons and innovations, and ongoing understanding, responsiveness and flexibility in responding to specific sub-national environments;
  • supports Branches to communicate with and advise the Board on issues, systems and policies relating to Branch planning, management, and reporting;
  • supports Branches to understand, provide input into and effectively implement College strategies in line with Board requirements, including improved capitalisation on opportunities for collaboration and increased efficiency.

Committee Members