Bubba Bump Disposable maternity underwear eliminates the need for uncomfortable, awkward pads in your postpartum journey. Our postpartum panties are the answer to comfort in the post birth period. They can even be worn when waters break! Designed for mamas, this is a hospital bag essential.

Our postpartum disposable maternity underwear is leak free, super comfortable and leaves women feeling secure post birth. Perfect for the initial postpartum ( fourth trimester) and beyond. They can be worn in place of sanitary pads and/ or panty liners - a must for urinary incontinence, weak bladder muscles and pelvic core postpartum.

Our disposable postpartum underwear absorbs blood and lochia. Perfect for both C-section and vaginal birth as they are high waisted and won't irritate c section wounds. This maternity essential needs to be in every hospital bag now! Every mama (new and seasoned) needs this as a pregnancy, maternity and postpartum essential. Remember to prepare for Postpartum Mamas- we help you to do that.