Why does ACM need a RAP?

A RAP is a business plan that integrates with an organisation’s Strategic Plan and provides opportunities for the organization to articulate not only what it wants to achieve, but how it will achieve, measure and report on outcomes. Once a RAP has been accredited by Reconciliation Australia the organization has to report yearly against its targets.

In other words, a RAP can be a very potent tool for making us accountable, so that our words become actions.

There are a number of reasons why we should develop our own RAP, including:

·         It will give us a framework that guides our business and makes sure we ‘walk’ our ‘talk’.

·         It demonstrates our commitment toward healing and developing relationships, especially light of our membership of the ‘Close the Gap’ steering committee, and the work we’re doing with our ‘Birthing on Country’ project.

·         It identifies opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and members to grow and increase their participation in our organisation in a culturally safe way.

·         It embeds cultural safety in everything we do, as an organisation and individual midwives.


Go to the Reconciliation Australia website for more information about why we should develop a RAP: https://www.reconciliation.org.au/reconciliation-action-plans/#why-develop-a-rap