WHO Call for research findings on digital health interventions by 15 Sept 2017 for guidelines

Message from WHO

Dear Colleagues,

This is a global call for research finding papers on digital health interventions for submission by 15 September 2017. Please feel free to share this announcement widely.

In response to a global need for evidence-based global recommendations on the use of digital health interventions available via mobile device, the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research (RHR) in collaboration with other WHO departments has commenced the process of developing WHO Guidelines.  As part of this process, over the coming months, a series of systematic reviews of research evidence have been commissioned on specific digital health topics noted below. 
We are requesting from the global community any and all relevant primary studies that should be considered for inclusion in the systematic reviews.  This is your opportunity to contribute to the literature that will be included in the systematic reviews that will be informing WHO Guidelines on Digital Health Interventions.
 The digital intervention topics for the guideline will include:

  • Targeted client communication accessible via mobile devices (e.g. health promotion messaging, appointment/medication reminders)
  • Remote client to provider communication accessible via mobile devices
  • Provider to provider communication accessible via mobile devices
  • Electronic decision support accessible via mobile devices
  • Tracking client health records, digital service records (e.g. digitized versions of health service registers) accessible via mobile devices
  • Birth notification and registration
  • Notification of stock levels and monitoring of health commodities

The Guidelines will systematically consolidate evidence of effectiveness related to these digital health interventions, as well as review associated feasibility, costs, and risks, in order to formulate concrete recommendations to inform evidence-based investments and prioritization.

Studies can focus on issues related to effectiveness, equity, resource use acceptability, feasibility, or resource use/cost-effectiveness, and:

  • Can be from any setting
  • Can be both published or unpublished
  • Can include both randomised and non-randomised studies and qualitative studies, although we will have a threshold for study quality depending on the intervention.  The systematic review team will review all submitted papers and determine if they fulfill the inclusion criteria.


We ask that you please submit any papers you are aware of to nhenschke@cochrane.org  by 15 September for 2017 to be considered for inclusion. Materials received after this date will not be considered for the review process leading to the Guideline.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in this process,
Dr. Garrett Mehl
    Garrett Mehl, PhD, MHS
    Scientist, Digital Health Research
    Department of Reproductive Health and Research, includes
    HRP - the UNDP/UNFPA/UNICEF/WHO/World Bank Special Programme of Research in Human Reproduction
    World Health Organization
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