UniSA Release an Accredited Re-entry Pathway for Midwives

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The University of South Australia (UniSA) have developed a Bachelor of Midwifery (Re-entry) pathway to enable midwives who have not practised for between five (5) and ten (10) years to fulfil the re-entry to practice requirements, as documented in the policy for re-entry to practice for nurses and midwives (NMBA 2016). The Bachelor of Midwifery (Re-entry) has been accredited by the ANMAC, on behalf of the NMBA, as a program within the Bachelor of Midwifery through a credit transfer pathway. 

The Bachelor of Midwifery (Re-entry) program prepares students to be able to practice as a contemporary midwife by responding to Australian and international midwifery trends in maternity care.  As such, students are prepared to work to the full scope of midwifery practice and thus meet the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s Standards for the midwife required for registration. The one year program provides graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand midwifery care and enables a progression to focus on the teaching and learning of complex care. Students build on their knowledge and skills to transition back to professional practice as a midwife. In preparation for the return to professional practice, students consolidate their clinical practice through an eight week clinical placement in a variety of setting where their skills are assessed against the Midwife standards for practice (NMBA 2018). Re-entry students will be required to complete the practice requirements as outlined in the NMBA Re-entry to practice accreditation standards 2016.

The following course are completed to exemplify the theory/practice relationship:

  • Contemporary Midwifery Practice 
  • Complex Care across the Childbirth Continuum
  • Complex Care of the Neonate
  • Experiential Learning Activity Transition Practicum 5

Entry to the Bachelor of Midwifery (Re-entry) program is only available to midwives who have not practised for 5 to 10 years and are seeking to re-enter practice as a midwife. Applicants will need to apply through SATAC and upon acceptance students who are able to supply a letter from AHPRA to confirm they are eligible to complete a re-entry program to gain registration, will be offered an equivalent to 2 years credit.

More information on our Bachelor of Midwifery and entry requirements can be found at