TTMEC New Research into COVID’s impact on pregnancy

Following on from the ACM research during the height of the COVID pandemic in Australia reporting on women’s experiences and expectations of maternity care, the Trans-Tasman Midwifery Education Consortium, is undertaking some additional targeted research.

ACM as a founding member of the TTRMEC is pleased to be able to share this research with you for your engagement and consideration to share with women in your care/community.

Details of the research

Is the model of maternity care provided associated with stress and anxiety for pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The purpose of this project is to understand women’s experiences of pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that women experience a variety of emotions during pregnancy. We want to understand how this global pandemic is affecting women. We know that pregnancy care with a known midwife is a model of pregnancy care associated with positive outcomes for mothers and babies.

Through this research project, we are also keen to understand how this type of care may impact a woman’s experience of pregnancy during COVID-19, in comparison with other types of pregnancy care.

Women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy (28 weeks pregnant or more); are 18 years of age or older, and are receiving maternity care in Australia can complete the survey.

The survey will take about 20-30minutes to complete, it is anonymous and online.

Some of the questions asked in the survey may be stressful or upsetting. We have suggested in this case the woman contacts her maternity care provider and we have provided the following additional contact details:

You can find out more from the attached flyer.

Access the Survey link here.

Or you can scan the QR Code and go directly there

Additional information

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