Telehealth Expansion and Midwifery Services

Message from Australian Government Department of Health.

“The Department appreciates the sector’s desire to have midwifery items 82100, 82115, 82120 and 82125 mirrored for telehealth. Upon further detailed investigation the Department has determined these are not appropriate for telehealth expansion. At this time the Government is focused on ensuring essential consultations can occur via telehealth when safe and appropriate, whilst all other essential services, including midwifery services, should continue to be delivered face to face when required.

The latest tranche of specialist and allied health MBS items will be telehealth enabled as of today, 22 May 2020. Please note these items will likely be the final items telehealth enabled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The most up-to-date information regarding telehealth enabled items can be found on MBS Online ( Changes are outlined in Factsheets and Frequently asked Questions, found at Further information regarding the COVID-19 National Health Plan, including telehealth services, can be found at “