Seeking Expressions of Interest: Wound Credentialing Program – 2 Midwives to be fast tracked through the Wound Credentialed Program and become peer reviewers

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Seeking Expressions of Interest: Wound Credentialing Program – Credentialed Midwives


ACM has been invited by the Wound Management Innovations Cooperative Research Centre’s (WMI CRC) to put forward TWO nominees for training and appointment as Credentialed Midwife in the field of Wound Management.


In 2016-2017, the Wound CRC project team successfully developed a robust web-based platform for applicants to complete their application and for peer reviewers to review the applications received.  Since then the Wound Management Innovation CRC, together with leading healthcare professionals with expertise in wound management, have developed a specialised platform dedicated to facilitating the credentialing process and establishing a national public register of Credentialed Wound Clinicians.

Click here to learn more about the application process for credential: 


The Wound Credentialing Program (Service) was launched in early March 2018. Midwives are required to join the credentialed program so as to undertake peer review of fellow midwives.

Therefore, the purpose of the EOI is to identify TWO suitable midwives who will be trained as credentialed midwives so they can join the Wound CRC team and undertake peer reviews for fellow midwives seeking credential.

Responsibilities of the midwives

  • Undertake the Wound Credential Training Program
  • Work with the Wound Management Innovation CRC peer review team to peer review midwives applying for wound credential
  • Exact numbers of midiwves to peer review per year is not yet know.  The Wound Management Innovation CRC has identified that there will be an honorarium for each peer review completed.

Selection Criteria

Your application will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. are financial members of the ACM; 
  2. have extensive wound management experience or have high level knowledge in the area of wound management; 
  3. have experience in peer review or are willing to undertake the ACM peer review online course to gain this knowledge;
  4. are interested in undertaking a Credential in the field of wound management and are prepared to complete the required training;
  5. are willing to commit to join the Wound Credentialing Program team to peer review fellow midwife applicants;
  6. have access email and the internet. 

What’s in it for you?

  • You would receive a letter of acceptance from the ACM recognising your contribution to this role which can be used in your professional portfolio.
  • You can add this role to your CV
  • You can log all hours that you undertake attending peer review work or attending meetings related to this Program in your professional portfolio as CPD hours.
  • You will have access to resources and engagement with fellow health professionals with expertise in this field of health care. 
  • You will gain experience in working as peer reviewers
  • The WMI CRC offer an honorarium for the 2 midwives who undertake the peer reviews.  More details can be provdided upon request.
  • Most importantly the WMI CRC will waive the application fees for the 2 midwives for the credential program (a saving of $550.00) and fast track you through the process.

For further information:

Please contact Kirsty Andermahr on or (08) 7129 4431.

Please submit your EOI clearly addressing Selection Criteria 1-5 (as noted above) to