Seeking Expressions of Interest: Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) Members

Expressions of interest are sought from suitably qualified individuals for membership of the ACM Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC).


There are ongoing challenges to address core midwifery education in Australia requiring the active involvement of the Australian College of Midwives (ACM). The Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) provide advice and make recommendations to the ACM on these matters and, where necessary, liaise with the ACM’s Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC), which provides advice and guidance on the development, implementation and progress of continuing professional development (CPD) programs.

The role of the Committee is to:

  • provide expert advice to the ACM via the ACM’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on matters relating to midwifery education;
  • provide expert advice and support to the CEO on methods to utilise national and international policies and developments in midwifery education, thus assisting with the ongoing development of midwifery education in Australia;
  • recommend ways in which the ACM can effectively contribute to the ongoing development of midwifery education in Australia;
  • undertake specified tasks or projects as requested by the CEO, such as drafting ACM policies on midwifery education, supporting ACM delegates when preparing for International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) meetings, responding to requests for information and advice relating to midwifery education, and other relevant projects;
  • represent the ACM, either as an individual or a group, when requested to do so by the CEO on matters of relevance to midwifery education;
  • liaise with various international midwifery education organisations on behalf of the ACM;
  • provide input to the CEO on the selection of experts representing the ACM on national/international committees;
  • liaise with other ACM committees through the Chair as matters arise; and
  • carry out this role in a culturally-safe manner, demonstrating respect and understanding of a wide variety of cultural beliefs and practices.

Members should be prepared to attend all scheduled Committee meetings, with a minimum of 50% attendance per year to maintain Committee membership.  Furthermore, members are expected to actively participate in all Committee business that occurs ‘out of session’ where able.

Names and profiles of members will be communicated to ACM members via e-bulletin, website and social media. This is to ensure transparency of governance and inform members of ACM activity.

Length of Term

Each member of the Committee shall be appointed by the CEO for a term of three years, and is eligible to serve a maximum of six consecutive years on the Committee.

Members will need to undertake a membership renewal EOI process at the end of their first term, thus reconfirming their commitment to the Committee and the Committee obligations. Re-appointment to the Committee will be dependent on a successful EOI being completed, as well as, evidence being noted of active participation in Committee meetings and project work over the period of the previous appointment.

Meeting Schedule for 2018

The first next official MEAC meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, 13th November 2018 at 2:00pm AEST. Previous minutes and other related documents will also be provided to bring you up to speed on any work ongoing or due for the committee.

MEAC members attending the ACM National Conference will also meet informally on the 16th of October 2018 at 12:30pm.

When you join MEAC you can/will:

  • Receive a letter of acknowledgement of your appointment to the ACM Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) which can be used in your professional portfolio;
  • Add this role to your CV as evidence of your professional engagement and personal/professional development;
  • Log all hours that you undertake attending meetings or addressing work for the MEAC in your professional portfolio as CPD hours;
  • Access resources and engage with fellow health professionals with expertise in this field of midwifery education;
  • Guide developments and change in the midwifery education space;
  • Gain experience in working on a Committee;
  • Represent the ACM at local events;
  • Build up your personal/professional network by working with your midwifery peers.

Selection Criteria

The successful applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • be a current financial member of the ACM;
  • be registered as a midwife with AHPRA and be able to meet recency of practice requirements;
  • have experience in, or a capacity to represent midwives with regards to midwifery education; 
  • have a well-developed capacity to analyse research evidence and other sources of information relating to midwifery education;
  • have access to an active email account and technology require to attend meetings; and
  • be willing to donate time and expertise to the scheduled meetings and activities undertaken by the committee, on behalf of the ACM and as outlined in the Committee’s TOR. 

For further information or a copy of the Terms of Reference, please contact Kirsty Andermahr via or 08 7129 4431.

Please submit your EOI addressing the above criteria and also provide a short CV to close at 5pm on 5 October 2018.