Seeking Expressions of Interest: ACM Representative - Wound Credentialing Advisory Committee (WCAC)

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Seeking Expressions of Interest: Wound Credentialing Advisory Committee (WCAC)


ACM has been invited by the Wound Management Innovations Cooperative Research Centre’s (WMI CRC) to put forward a midwife nominee for appointment to the WCAC as the ACM Representative.


The WCAC is to advise the Wound Management Innovations Cooperative Research Centre’s (WMI CRC) Board and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on the ongoing maintenance, evaluation and governance of the WMI CRC’s Wound Credentialing Service (WCS). The Wound Credentialing Service has two primary functions; credentialing clinicians with expertise in wound management and establishment of a national register of credentialed clinicians.


The WCAC membership is a newly formed group of health professions engaged in wound management such as, nursing, medicine, podiatry and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner.  Midwifery is currently not represented and they would like to ensure that they are, which is why this EOI is being raised.

Therefore, the purpose of the EOI is to identify ONE suitable midwife who will represent the ACM on the WCAC.

Selection Criteria: 

  1. are financial members of the ACM; 
  2. have extensive wound management experience or have high level knowledge in the area of wound management; 
  3. are able to access email and the internet; 
  4. have computer skills that will enable submission of reports to ACM (template will be provided); and 
  5. are willing to attend the meetings and give their time for the work to represent the ACM on this committee. 

What’s in it for you?

  • The selected individual will receive a letter of acknowledgement of their position as ACM Representative which can be used in their professional portfolio.
  • The role can be added to the Representatives CV
  • The Representative can log all hours that they undertake attending meetings or addressing work for the WCAC in their professional portfolio as CPD hours.
  • The Representative will have access to resources and engagement with fellow health professionals with expertise in this field of health care. 
  • The Representative will gain experience in working on a Committee and representing the ACM
  • The Representative will be in a position to advocate for midwives in the field of wound management
  • The WMI CRC offer an honorarium for attending work and undertaking peer reviews.

For further information

Please contact Kirsty Andermahr on or (08) 7129 4431.

Please submit your EOI clearly addressing Selection Criteria 1-5 (as noted above) to