Safer Care Victoria’s 2018-2019 Perinatal Services Performance Indicators report

The Australian College of Midwives commends Safer Care Victoria on releasing their 2018-2019 Perinatal Services Performance Indicators report, sharing insights and learnings to improve future practice.

“This report presents and discusses data from Victorian maternity services on 25 performance indicators across 13 key performance areas. Through transparently reporting these data, we can paint a picture of the care provided to pregnant women and their babies – from antenatal and intrapartum (labour and birth), to postnatal care.”

Prepared by Safer Care Victoria and the Maternity and Newborn Clinical Network Insight Committee, the report compares identifiable hospital data on outcomes for women and newborns against 25 safety and quality indicators.

The report shows improvements in:

•             rate of severe fetal growth restriction in babies undelivered by 40 weeks

•             rate of women attending an antenatal visit by 12 weeks’ gestation

•             maternal vaccination for pertussis (whooping cough) and influenza

However, data also showed increased rates in induction of labour in standard primiparae, and third- and fourth-degree perineal tears for first-time mothers during unassisted births. Investigating these two factors as well as the variations in breastfeeding advice and support and women’s perinatal mental health have been identified as key priorities moving forward.

Download the full report here

Additional information

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