Meet the Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC): Rakime Elmir

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In November 2018, ACM welcomed three new members to the Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC). Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing them to you via our weekly newsletters. 

Welcome to MEAC, Dr Rakime Elmir!

Dr Rakime Elmir is a registered midwife, Lecturer and Deputy Director of Clinical Education (Midwifery) with the School of Nursing and Midwifery and registered midwife at Liverpool Hospital.

Rakime completed her PhD in 2012 on women’s experiences of severe postpartum haemorrhage and emergency hysterectomy. Following on from her doctoral work, Rakime has explored fathers' experiences of birth trauma and midwives’ experiences of obstetric emergencies and more recently, eating disorders in the perinatal period. She is interested in understanding the impact of previous psychosocial experiences and birth trauma on the mother, father, infant triad.

Rakime is leading a project that seeks to implement a first national maternity ICU tool for ICU nurses to assist in caring for maternity patients in ICU. Rakime has been successful in securing collaborative funding grants and has published work locally, nationally and internationally.

Rakime has a keen interest in building the research capacity of midwives and facilitates a bi monthly maternity journal club at Liverpool Hospital. Rakime is passionate about supporting future and current midwives and engages with student midwifery related research to better support students in their transition and journey to being a midwife.

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