Meet ACM member: Christine Bowles

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The Education Unit has the honour of introducing you to fabulous members of the Australian College of Midwives (ACM) who dedicate their spare time to working with and for the ACM. These hard-working, passionate and dedicated individuals are the backbone of ACM, and we are incredibly grateful for their continued support and service. 

In August 2018, we would like you to meet Christine Bowles, midwife, mother, Secretary of the ACM QLD branch, who in her spare time enjoys yoga, dancing and catching up with friends. 


When did you become a Registered midwife?

I first registered as a midwife in 2018 after completing my Bachelor of Midwifery at Griffith University.

Why did you become/why are you a midwife?

I originally wanted to improve the view of birth in our society. This is still my goal but now know there are many different ways to do this.

What is your favourite thing about being a midwife?

Seeing a woman transition into a mother and feel confident to care for their baby.

What would you like to see change in midwifery in Australia?

The role of midwife to be recognised in the public.

What is the biggest change in midwifery in Australia you have experienced?

Digital in hospitals.

Where do you see midwifery in 5/10/20/50 years?

I hope that all women have access to continuity of care, with a known midwife.

ACM membership

How long have you been a member?

I have been a member of the ACM since 2014 (I joined as a student).

Why did you join ACM and why do you stay?

I joined because I wanted to be part of my professional body, and I stay because I want to be part of strengthening our profession.

What is the most important aspect of your membership?


What roles do you undertake for the ACM and why do you volunteer?

I an the Secretary of the ACM QLD branch.  I undertake this work to stay involved in the profession and for networking.  

Where has your membership of the ACM taken you?

My membership of ACM has seen me a nominated finalist for the student of midwifery ACM award, engaged locally as a midwifery student member, now working as the Branch secretary, and attending and networking at several conferences.  


Tell us a little about your non work life….

I was born in Australia but my heritage is Filipino and I am a mother of 2 with another on the way. 

What do you do to relax?

When I am not working I love to sleep, go to a yoga class, do a little hip hop dancing and catch up with my friends.

If you would like to learn more about engaging with the ACM and your wider midwifery community we have lots of avenues for you to explore.  You are the author of your journey with us, but we'd love for you to try out what we have on offer...

Get connected

  • Make sure that you are a MEMBER of the ACM.  You can JOIN HERE
  • Check that your member details are up to date (login to your portal and check you address, contact and payment details are current)
  • Watch a webinar (search our events) or access a webinar recording (more details here). Remember they are all free to ACM members every day, all year round!
  • Enrol in and complete an ACM online learning course.  We have a numnber of free to access or fee based courses for you to choose from.
  • Read your Australian Midwifery News Magazine.  This dedicated publication comes out as a hard copy to you 4 times a year - if you are not getting yours, go back to your member portal and check we have the correct details for you.
  • Access articles from the Women and Birth journal.  You can access this for free with your membership, there are 6 issues per year with over 15 articles per issue... thats a lot of learning right there at your fingertips.  More details here.
  • Open and engage with the content covered in the email newsletters and the branch matters that we send.
  • Like and Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Use the ACM Position Statements, Guidelines and Policies to guide your practice.


 Get active

  • Tell your midwifery colleagues about ACM membership and encourage them to join.  The more midwifery voices we have with us, the stronger we are as an organisation, which means the more we are heard when we represent midwives around Australia.
  • Talk about the webinars your watch or online courses that you undertake.  Provide us feedback or ideas for new topics that are of interest to you.
  • Think of writing for the Australian Midwifery News - about a topic that interests you or work you are doing.  Share achievements and learnings with your peers so they can celebrate with you, or learn from the information you share.
  • Share social media posts to your friend groups, engage in online conversation threads.
  • Engage in a consultation when ACM sends out details asking for your opinion.  What you think and know matters - to truly represent you we need to know your thoughts!
  • Come to your local State or the National Conference (this year we are in Perth 15-18 October).  Attend a workshop or a networking event.  You can find out all about what ACM has going on in our events pages.
  • Apply for a scholarship.
  • Attend other CPD opportunities offered by education provdiers.  You can see all that are ACM CPD Recognised here.
  • Dedicate time to complete your Midwifery Practice Review.
  • Determine if your health facility is BFHI accredited... If not consider working with them to change that status.
  • Nominate a midwife or service for an ACM Annual Award


Be engaged

  • Work with your local Branch.  Become a member, share content for the Branch matters, represent midwives in your State/local area.
  • Join an ACM Committee - we have LOTS of committees covering (but not limited to) Education, Professional Development, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander, Rural & Remote, Private Midwives, Consumers, Midwery Practice Review, BFHI, AMN Editorial... When spaces for new members come up we put out an Expression of Interest (EOI) in our newsletters and on social media.  Come and share your passion, skills and knowledge for the advancement of midwives all around Australia (and work with some pretty amazing Midwives achieving great things).
  • Be an ACM Representative such as at meetings, on external committees, during consultations or as expert midwives.  Like for the Committees we will post an EOI looking for interested and suitable midwives.  The opportunities differ each year and each comes with its own personal and professional benefits for the members who get involved.
  • Join our ACM Liaison Midwife network.  Initiated in 2017 these midwives are helping to spread the word about ACM and what we ahve to offer midwives from all areas of practice.  You can see the list of LM's and read all about their role here.
  • Join the ACM Webinar Presenter community.  We are always looking for new, engaging presenters who address midwifery specific content.  Email us at if you are interested, or know of someone we should reach out to.
  • Join a Working Group or Review Team for assessment of ACM resources (such as e-learning course development or review, webinar audits, writing quix questions).  Opportunities come out at least a few times per year as new content is developed or existing is reviewed.  Your input is invaluable in providing excellent user experience for the finished product - plus it gets you access to midwifery content and some fabulous CPD opportunities.
  • Present at a conference - the call for abstracts for the 2018 conferences are all currently closed... but 2019 will start soon... what are you waiting for?
  • Undertake the ultimate role of representing midwives - join the ACM Board or Council.  Calls for nomination to ACM Board will come at this AGM for 2 x Midwife Directors.  Get your nomination ready.
  • Come and work with us - we are currently looking for someone to join the Policy & Professional Practice Unit

As you can see there are an abundance of opportunities available to you ... now is the time to pick those that appeal to you ... we hope to see you engaged with us soon!