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At the ACM we are all about MIDWIVES.  

We see that they are individuals who work hard supporting women and families to bring new life into the world or guide it out (when the need arises).  We know they are caring and compassionate and very passionate!  

We hear that they care about our future and so are open to innovations that change practice.  We believe that Midwifery is all about being ‘with woman’ and providing the support and guidance for the woman to trust herself on her journey.

And so we think midwives are a vital cornerstone to our community.  Which is why we are so excited to have connected with an amazing, talented and passionate local community of women who want to share their endeavours, products and services with you!

Love Local Fleurieu is an initiative by Claire Byrt, founder of Project Work Life that brings women together to have open-hearted conversations, share ideas and experiences, create opportunity and build community.

Connecting, supporting, inspiring and celebrating Fleurieu women and loving all things local, this community is all about creating and spporting each other to make positive and life affirming choices 

Whether you identify as ‘in business’, a creative, or approaching life on purpose this ever-growing community of heart-driven women is for you.

From our heart, the ACM thanks this wonderful community for the beautiful and varied gifts they have made available to the conference delegates, presenters and Birth Photography Awards event. 

Claire Byrt, Founder PWL & LLF












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We encourage all of you to explore the gorgeousness of the Fleurieu and tap into these wonderful businesses who have so much to offer!