Campaigning for a National Strategy on Climate Health and Well-being for Australians

The Australian College of Midwives recently shared details of a webinar being run by the Climate and Health Alliance addressing the need for a National Strategy on Climate health and well-being for Australians.

If you missed it you can access it here.

For those who just want to review the presentation, you can access the PowerPoint presentation here.

Midwives witness the effects of climate change on the women and children that they support, we know that pregnant women and infants are certainly vulnerable to extreme heat and as parents start or grow their families they are thinking about the future health and well-being of their children, and climate change is of increasing concern.

The Australian College of Midwives is very concerned that Australia has very little policy designed to address the growing health impacts of climate change and we welcome this commitment by Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare Catherine King MP and Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Mark Butler MP as an important step towards effective climate action in Australia for the protection of the health of all Australians.

We encourage our members and other midwives and nurses to contact their local member of parliament to let them know they want to see more action to address climate change and the impact it already has, and will have, on our health. Members are encouraged to join the Our Climate Our Health campaign and email their local MP or senator.

Read more from the Climate and Health Alliance media releases.

Or to learn more about the Alliance visit

What ACM is doing

The Australian College of Midwives is a member of the Our Climate Our Health campaign and the Climate and Health Alliance as we believe that the future health of our world is in our hands and can be affected by positive change by everyone. Further, we understand that without change there will be significant negative impacts on the overall global health which will impact the way that midwives and other health professionals practice and the variations in health we will encounter.

 What can you do?

  • Take action and email your  MP
  • Join the OCOH campaign ( or get your workplace to join the campaign.
  • Think about what you can do personally or at work to reduce your carbon footprint or be more climate conscious (even something as simple as not using plastic straws for drinks, recycling your papers and soft plastics, not buying balloons or turning off lights – every little action helps).

Additional information
The Australian College of Midwives (ACM) is the peak professional body for midwives in Australia who are registered with, and regulated by, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). The ACM’s position is that women be attended during pregnancy, birth and postnatally by a midwife who is registered with the NMBA.