ACM working for Midwives Education - Q3 2018

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A look at the work that ACM has been doing for Midwives in the area of Education, during the third quarter of 2018.

The ACM Education Unit is focused on ensuring that the ACM provides Midwives with a variety of high quality continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities that facilitate development of skills to support their practice. The EU further engages with universities, hospitals, governments and regulators to influence midwifery standards (specifically those related to or impacting on midwives/midwifery student’s education leading to registration). But ‘what do we mean by education’ and ‘how does it apply to you or the profession’?
This report provides insight into the areas that the ACM Education Unit have been addressing across all areas of education related to midwifery in Australia.  The range of Midwifery Education topics are wide, but can essentially be categorized into FOUR areas.  

*Area 1 & 2 - ACM do not specifically provide the education for these areas.

In each of these areas, our unit (which consists of Kirsty and I and some amazing volunteers who assist in our Advisory Committees or adhoc working groups or activities) address everything that (we can) that comes up related to Education in the midwifery setting. The work we undertake is rather varied as it may cover consultations on Standards (as set by AHPRA and NMBA), development of education resources (such as webinars, online courses and written publications), assessment of education resources and activities or even responding to midwifery education or practice related enquiries.  

The Education Unit Advisory Committees are the Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) and the Professional Development Committee (PDAC).  MEAC meets every quarter and addresses work requests primarily by email between meetings. PDAC is currently on hold pending recruitment of new members.

Q3 2018 Review

Area 1 – Leading to Registration

  • 9th August MEAC assisted a letter being written to AHPRA to review the English as a Second Language tests and validity of assessments used for midwives.
  • Responded to enquiries related to students clinical placements from students in Australia and overseas as well as enquiries from women wanting to know more about student continuity of care experiences.  
  • Posted content to the Closed Student Facebook page 

Trans-Tasman Partnership

  • Attended meetings & arranged promotion of the Transform 2018 Education Symposium in Gold Coast 20-21 September 2018. Program now available. Find out more here.
  • Attended monthly meetings with the Trans-Tasman Consortium to prepare for the September conference and finalise the Consortiums Terms of Reference (TOR)
  • 19th September – Chaired the pre planning workshop meeting for the inaugural Trans-Tasman conference (Transforming 2018).
  • Continued to promote the Transforming 2018 conference program.
  • 20-21 September – Ann Kinnear, Ruth King and Virginia Skinner (MEAC) attended the inaugural Trans-Tasman conference (Transforming 2018) on the Gold Coast.  We represented ACM and Australian midwives, facilitated sessions, assisted delegates and immersed ourselves in the amazingness of the achievements and aspirations of educators form around Australia and New Zealand.

Coming up:

  • Midwifery Education Standards will soon be due for review.  We are preparing a survey and potentially a summit to address the changes that may be required after the practice standards are incorporated.  There will be information coming.  Keep an eye out of you are interested.

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Area 2 – Post Registration Career Advancement

Career Pathways for Midwives

  • Wrote an article for the Spring Australian Midwifery News covering the June presentation to the Council of Deans Nursing & Midwifery and another article addressing refresher and re-entry opportunities for midwives.
  • 1st August we talked with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses about how midwives might be best supported in the perinatal mental health space.
  • 6th August we met with the Centre for Perinatal Excellence (COPE) to talk about where midwives can go within the perinatal mental health space.  COPE have developed a number of resources including a free online course for Midwives that can be freely accessed (  We have been sharing these resources with members and midwives via our communications channels.
  • Wrote a blog piece covering the Career Survey results.  Thanks to everyone who participated! Link here.


  • Responded to questions/calls from individuals about insurance, midwives wanting to move into private practice or looking at endorsement and midwives interested in refresher pathways/options.


  • Worked with the Australian College of Nursing and the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses to finalise the draft of the Joint Position Statement on Clinical Supervision for Nurses and Midwives (next step was open consultation)
  • 27th September we met with Family Planning NSW to ascertain we would work together to increase midwives knowledge of sexual and reproductive health.   The outcome was that they would be best to work with the Branch professional development committee as they were looking to share their knowledge to NSW only.  Watch this space or the events pages for CPD activities or the potential to review content (as their course is due for an audit).

Coming up:

  • Articles for the Australian Midwifery News addressing quantitative & qualitative research and midwifery students scope of practice.
  • Actioning the suggestions and feedback provided at the meeting with the CDNM on the 21st June specifically looking at maternal child and family health pathways.
  • Follow up engagement with the COPE & ACMHN regarding midwives working in the area of perinatal mental health.

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Area 3 – Professional, Practice and Skills Development and Support of Registered Midwives

Locally - Your Branches ran the following events:

  • 5th July – SA Branch - Midwifery Student Meraki Night
  • 6th July – NSW Branch & National - When a Baby Dies: A Workshop for Midwives
  • 12th July – NT Branch - Undisturbed Birth: The Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing
  • 25th July – WA Branch - Midwives Movie Night
  • 30th July – NSW Branch - Midwifery Mutterings
  • 10th August – Gippsland Branch - Neonatal Skills for Midwives & Nurses: A practical workshop
  • 18th August – QLD Branch - Trivia Night
  • 30th August – NSW Branch - Pre Conference Workshop 
  • 31st August – 1st September – NSW Branch - NSW State Conference + Dinner 2018
  • 6th September – WA Branch - Graduate Midwives - No longer a student
  • 21st September – NSW Branch - Perineal Repair and Speculum Examination Workshop 
  • 28th September – NSW Branch - Perineal Repair and Speculum Examination Workshop 

The Education Unit has undertaken the following:


  • 19th July we hosted the live webinar Self Care for Midwives with Felicity Latchford. 
  • 16th August we hosted the live webinar with Duncan Fisher, addressing Engaging with Fathers in Maternity Services.  
  • 11th September we hosted the live webinar with Caroline Homer & Dr Jeremy Oats looking at the newly released Pregnancy Care Guidelines.
  • We had to postpone the planned 20th September webinar with Nasrin Javid, looking at the midwives role in caring for women with vasa praevia as Nasrin has not yet completed her research.  We hope to bring this to you in 2019.
  • We continued to work on the 2019 webinar schedule (>80% are identified)
  • REMEMBER all webinars are free for ACM Members.



  • August – we renewed the contract with the Continence Foundation of Australia for the continued partnership for the delivery of the Continence – Care & Considerations for the Midwife, online course.  The agreement sees the course attracting a fabulous 50% discount, off the standard access rates, for both members and non-members 
  • 6th August Microbirth reached out with news of a GBS online course coming.  They asked us to engage in the process to review the content to make sure it was relevant to the Australian context.  Kate Brae is kindly assisting with this work.
  • 24th August we met with the Wound Innovations team to further develop our partnership and identifying ways that midwives can benefit from the online resources they have developed as well as opportunities to become credentialed n wound care and management. 
  • 24th September we again reached out to Lansinoh for the optimal cord clamping information sharing work that we started with them after the 2017 National Conference.
  • As part of the LINMEN partnership we have promoted the CATSINaM Cultural Safety Training opportunities (November, Melbourne).

Refresher Program for Midwives


  • August we assisted with review of the Clinical Mentoring Program (formerly MMPOA) as it transitioned to ACM.
  • Responded to calls about course access, webinars and bulk orders for online courses.  In addition responded to questions related to the transition of Student to Midwife to graduate status, students attending homebirths and the midwives role in undertaking a comprehensive health head to toe assessment.
  • Assisted the Marketing & Communications Unit to prepare for the ACM annual National Conference.

CPD Recognition 

  • Processed 15 applications for ACM CPD Recognition for activities & events by external parties and ACM Branches.  These listings have been advertised in our newsletters and can all be found on our External CPD Recognised Events Page, or for ACM events they can be found on Our Events page.  If you have an activity that you would like to apply for ACM CPD Recognition for, or you want to know more about it, please look here.  
  • Commenced a Review of the ACM CPD Recognition process following release of the Midwifery Practice Standards.  Looking to align the assessment process to the Standards.
  • 31st August we met with Praxhub to understand the content they have to share with Midwives around vaccinations - online course format.  Resulted in a CPD application. 

Content creation – blogs, AMN

  • Created posts to the ACM main Facebook page about ACM resources, Women & Birth articles and midwifery related topics.
  • Coordinated guest posts to the Education Midwifery Musings.  They can be found on our Education Blog page and include blogs about yoga for midwives, foot health, the Baggarrook Yurrongi service, military midwifery, alcohol and breastfeeding, midwifery careers via university and the importance of good oral health
  • Continued to promote education to midwives via our Monthly Education newsletter to members and highlighting awareness campaigns such Dry July linked to the FARE women want to know – Alcohol in pregnancy online course, Sleep Awareness Week and the importance of good quality sleep for midwives mental health, NAIDOC Week, World Breastfeeding Week and Black breastfeeding week, Dental Health Week, Legacy Week, Father's Day, International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day and R U OK? Day.  
  • Australian Midwifery News (AMN) – Maya Wilkinson from MEAC wrote an article for the Spring Edition addressing interpreting qualitative research with a fabulous accompanying glossary of terms.
  • Provided editing assistance to Julie Tucker (previous webinar presenter) titled ‘pelvic floor for our futures’ for the COTA magazine and subsequently started investigations into whether this magazine might be a source of CPD for midwives.

Midwifery Education Advisory Committee

  • Called out for members to engage with us on the Midwifery Education Advisory Committee - we have 3 new members.
  • We have also reviewd how we engage new mambers and will be looking to create an open EOI for MEAC and our other Advisory Committees so that when midwives are interested they ahve the option to apply, as opposed to the call out occuring at set times.  

Member Recognition

  • Introduced you to ACM member who contribute their spare time on advisory committees, working groups or branches.  Christine Bowles and Vanessa Scarf.  
  • We’d love to share your story if you volunteer your time for the ACM.  Email us at and we can send you the questions to complete so we can build a page to recognise your amazingness!  

Coming up:

  • 20th November – WEBINAR - hosted by Rebecca Mar Young, of Red Tent Health Centre addressing How to manage fear and anxiety during birth with Chinese medicine.  CLOSED.
  • 28th November - SA Branch End of year Meeting & Christmas Drink.  Details HERE
  • 29th November – Midwifery Managers Symposium. Register HERE 
  • 4th December – ACT Branch - ACT Twilight Seminar & Dinner.  Register HERE 
  • 12th December - NSW Branch Christmas celebration - Details HERE
  • 13th December – WEBINAR – hosted by addressing Obesity and Pregnancy.  Register HERE 
  • 8-9th February 2019 – QLD Branch - ACM QLD State Conference 2019.  Register HERE 
  • 22nd February 2019 – VIC Branch + Health Times - Optimising Fetal and Neonatal Wellbeing Conference 2019.  Register HERE
  • 2nd May 2019 - SA Branch State Conference.  Details COMING SOON
  • 17-18 May 2019 – NSW Branch - ACM NSW State Conference 2019.  Register HERE
  • 17-19 September 2019 ACM National Conference 'Power & Passion'.  Details HERE


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Area 4 - Community Engagement

ACM Representation

  • 25th July we attended the SA media launch ‘We’re in this together’ (  This sensational media campaign saw posted travel around Adelaide on the metro Buses for 6 weeks (or until taken down and replaced).  The Campaign was aimed at increasing community awareness of the role and importance of the midwives in the provision of maternity care.  It clearly highlighted midwives as highly skilled and autonomous health professionals.
  • 1st August we attended the Rotary Club or Morialta and ACM launch of the Papua New Guinea Midwifery Buddy program.  This program will run for 3 years and see 18 PNG midwives budded with midwives from Australia, to build leadership capacity and drive change for maternity services in PNG. 
  • 6th September Ruth King was invited to become a Midwifery Tour Leader for the Jon Baines Tours.  Starting in September 2019 heading to Sri Lanka ( 

Consultations & Submissions 

  • July – MEAC provided feedback on the review of the Homebirth Position Statement
  • 15th August – responded to the ANMAC Registered nurse accreditation standards review ( 4th May we attended the SA National Conference 'Individuating care: No one right way' at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Adelaide7th May attended the National Strategic Approach to Maternity Service Consultation workshop in Adelaide representing midwifery.
  • 31st August provided feedback on the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital (nWCH) in Adelaide South Australia, Strategic Plan.
  • Worked with the ACM Professional Practice Unit who managed the ACM submission for the National Strategic Approach to Maternity Service Consultation.  Round 2 opened on 1st September.
  • 5th September we submitted a response to QLD Parliament Termination of Pregnancy Bill (
  • 12th September we responded to the ACT Immunisation paper (
  • Across the quarter we contributed or reviewed the following Standards, Consultations, Position Statements: APHRA Review of accreditation arrangements – assignment of accreditation functions; English Language Tests; Landscape review of maternity services education in Victoria; Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy; Senate enquiry into Stillbirth; CAPEA Competency Standards for Childbirth and Early, NMBA Endorsement for scheduled medicines for registered nurses prescribing in partnership and the Department of Health Pregnancy Care Guidelines Fact Sheets.

Resource Creation

  • 22nd August commenced work on the development of a centralised web page where women could locate students to share their pregnancy journey with them.  This came about after a call from a woman who had been trying to reach out to different universities with no success as she was keen to support a midwifery student’s education.  The University contacts we have were very positive about the initiative and provided advice on content to be displayed as well as their resources.


  • September – The ACM joined LINMEN – Leaders in Indigenous Nursing & Midwifery Education Network (  Since 2015 when the 1st meeting was held to raise the idea of this network, ACM has been involved.  We are proud to support this which is led by CATSINaM (Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives -
  • 7th September we engaged with Nourish (an online resource for parents) to determine how their content could be best shared with midwives. Look out for advertisements in newsletters.
  • September Kirsty (our Education Officer) took on the role of joint lead for the ACM Reconciliation Action Plan, helping to draw up a schedule for the consultation and planned release.

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