ACM working for Midwives Education - Q2 2018

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A look at the work that ACM has been doing for Midwives in the area of Education, during the second quarter of 2018.

At the ACM the Education Unit is focused on ensuring that the ACM provides Midwives with a variety of high quality continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities that facilitate midwives to develop their skill set and support their practice. The unit further engages with universities, hospitals, governments and regulators to influence midwifery standards (specifically those related to or impacting on midwives/midwifery student’s education. But ‘what do we mean by education’ and ‘how does it apply to you or the profession’ I hear you ask?

This report provides insight into the areas that the ACM Education Unit have been addressing across all areas of education related to midwifery in Australia.  The range of Midwifery Education topics are wide, but can essentially be categorized into FOUR areas.  

Area 1 – Leading to Initial Registration as a Midwife

Including but not limited to addressing standards, liaising with universities and regulators, engaging with students and graduates, identifying and addressing education requirements.

Area 2 – Post Registration Career Advancement

Including but not limited liaising with universities and health facilities and other professional organisations that offer career opportunities for midwives, working with regulators and government health departments.

Area 3 – Professional, Practice and Skills Development and Support of Registered Midwives

Including but not limited to developing education resources, assessing external continuing professional development opportunities, developing guidance papers, standards, and position statements, responding to consultations, engaging with midwives.

Area 4 – Community Engagement – promoting the role and purpose of the ACM and Midwives

Including but not limited to representing ACM and the midwifery profession at public events, creating resources

*Area 1 & 2 - ACM do not specifically provide the education for these areas.

In each of these areas, our unit (which consists of Kirsty and I and some amazing volunteers who assist in our Advisory Committees or adhoc working groups or activities) address everything that (we can) that comes up related to Education in the midwifery setting. The work we undertake is rather varied as it may cover consultations on Standards (as set by AHPRA and NMBA), development of education resources (such as webinars, online courses and written publications), assessment of education resources and activities or even responding to midwifery education or practice related enquiries.  

The Education Unit Advisory Committees are the Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) and the Professional Development Committee (PDAC).  MEAC meets every quarter and addresses work requests primarily by email between meetings. PDAC is currently on hold pending recruitment of new members.

Q2 2018 Review

Area 1 – Leading to Registration

  • Represented the ACM as part of the Flinders University Bachelor Midwifery Program Review 12-13 April 2018
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) for Student to join the ACM Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC).  EOI closed 25th June. Student identified.
  • Attended meetings & arranged promotion of the Transform 2018 Education Symposium in Gold Coast 20-21 September 2018. Program now available. Find out more here.
  • Working with the Trans Tasman Consortium to develop a Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Consortium to guide future work and initiatives.
  • Advised Universities, with Midwifery Courses, of the End of Financial Year sale on all ACM eLearning courses and bulk order offerings.
  • 22nd May presented to 1st year students at Flinders University about the role of the ACM in guiding and influencing midwifery in Australia.  You can read more about my presentation on another blog post here.
  • Responding to questions about students scope of practice and education leading to registration requirements.
  • Posted content to the Closed Student Facebook page 

Coming up:

  • Midwifery Education Standards will soon be due for review.  We are preparing a summit to address the potential changes that may be required after the practice standards are released.  There will be information coming as the year progresses.  Keep an eye out of you are interested.

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Area 2 – Post Registration Career Advancement

  • Wrote as the Acting CEO about midwives career pathways for the Australian Midwifery News, focussing on perinatal mental health - look out for the CEO intro piece to the Winter edition (coming soon).
  • Wrote to the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE) asking for their views & support for midwives (that do not hold a nursing qualification) to work in the area of perinatal mental health.
  • Wrote to the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN) asking for their views & support for midwives (that do not hold a nursing qualification) to work in the area of perinatal mental health. We have received a positive response and so have some work to do...
  • Investigated the UK initiative of Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Midwives, looking at how this could apply in Australia.
  • Raised the profile of midwives in the perinatal mental health space as part of the National Strategic Approach to Maternity Services consultation process.
  • Researched university options for midwives in a variety of career pathways (maternal child and family health, sexual health, perinatal mental health, neonatal nursing) in preparation for our presentation to the Council of Deans Nursing and Midiwfery. 
  • Created an online survey to identify where midwives and midwifery students they want their career to take them as well as identify opportunities they believe are available and any perceived barriers.  We had 264 individuals complete this survey!
  • 21st June presented to the Council of Deans Nursing and Midwifery on career pathways and options for midwives (who do not hold a midwifery qualification).  A blog post is coming soon covering what was addressed.
  • Responded to questions/calls from individuals about insurance, midwives wanting to move into private practice or looking at endorsement and midwives intersted in refresher pathways/options.
  • Engaged with the Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre (WMI CRC) to create a partnership that will see midwives recognised as wound specialist.

Closing soon:

  • EOI created for a midwife to represent the ACM on the WMICRC Advisory Committee.  The EOI closes on the 30th June.  If you specialise in wound management, consider this fabulous opportunity.  Access the EOI details here.
  • EOI created for 2 Midwives to be fast tracked through the Wound Credentialed Program and become peer reviewers.  This EOI also closes on the 30th June and is a fabulous opportunity to have the cost of the credential covered by the WMICRC as well as become a peer reviewer for other midwives wishing to credential in wound management.  Access the EOI details here.
  • EOI for 2-3 midwives to be our E-learning course QUIZ Masters.  This EOI closes soon on the 16th June and if you have skills in writing quizzes we want to hear from you.  Access the EOI details here.

Coming up:

  • Articles for the Australian Midwifery News addressing quantitative & qualitative research and midwifery students scope of practice.
  • Actioning the suggestions and feedback provided at the meeting with the CDNM on the 21st June specifically looking at maternal child and family health pathways.
  • Follow up engagement with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses regarding midwives working in the area of perinatal mental health.

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Area 3 – Professional, Practice and Skills Development and Support of Registered Midwives


Locally - Your Branches ran the following events:

  • 20th June - When a baby dies workshop, Victoria
  • 4th June - Midwifery Mutterings, NSW
  • 30th May - perineal Suturing workshop, SA
  • 4th May - International Day of the Midwife breakfast, QLD
  • 1st May - International Day of the Mideife Oration, ACT

The head office has undertaken the following:

  • 21st June we met with Mater Mothers, Brisbane to discuss the development of a partnership to create a Midwifery refresher pathway option, utilising the ACM Refresher online courses being redeveloped. A blog post is coming soon with a summary of what we covered and hope to achieve.
  • 19th April we hosted the live webinar Diagnosing and Managing Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Pregnancy with Dr Elle Knight.  This was a record breaking webinar for ACM with over 150 individuals registering.
  • 21st May to 16th June Ruth King stepped up to be Acting CEO whilst Ann Kinnear was on annual leave, in addition to managing the Education Unit.
  • 24th May we hosted the live webinar Intrahepatic Cholestasis in Pregnancy (ICP) with Jenny Chambers.  We trialled a new time for this webinar as Jenny Chambers was located in the UK. 18:00 AEST was a popular time and again we had over 150 individuals register to access this webinar.  We will be looking at the timing for our 2019 webinars as a result.
  • Final changes to the Midwifery Initiated Oral Health online course ready to release in July 2018.
  • The Antenatal Refresher online course pilot has commenced and the review team are doing an amazing job or providing feedback - the modules are looking amazing and we are looking forward to being able to relase these later in the year.
  • The Labour & Birth and Postnatal Refresher online courses content review has commenced with the Midwifery Education Advisory Committee after being completed by the Subject Matter Expert.
  • Processed 24 applications for ACM CPD Recognition for activities & events by external parties and ACM Branches.  These listings have been advertised in our newsletters and can all be found on our External CPD Recognised Events Page, or for ACM events they can be found on Our Events page.  If you have an activity that you would like to apply for ACM CPD Recognition for, or you want to know more about it, please look here.
  • Created a flyer for the CPD Recognition program 
  • Created posts to the ACM main Facebook page about ACM resources, Women & Birth articles and midwifery related topics.
  • Coordinated guest posts to the Education Midwifery Musings.  They can be found on our Education Blog page.
  • Continued to promote education to midwives via our Monthly Education newsletter to members and highlighting awareness campaigns such as Cesarean Awareness month (April), Maternal mental health awareness and volunteers week (May) and World Continence Week (June).  We also linked articles from these newsletters to Facebook so more midwives can access the information.
  • Created an End of Financial Year sale for our online courses and bulk orders and promoted this sale to members and the wider midwifery community via our newsletters and Facebook as well as communicating directly with universities, hospitals, agencies and via our Liaison Midwives.
  • Responded to calls about course access, webinars and bulk orders for online courses.
  • Assisted the Marketing & Communications Unit to manage the ACM Annual Awards processes.
  • Reviewed the course layout and navigation for our Neonatal Resuscitation and Epidural and Spinal Anaesthesia courses and made changes to improve the user experience.
  • AMN - MEAC wrote a series of articles for the coming Winter Edition addressing the new COPE National Perinatal Mental Health Guideline, and perinatal mental health from a university perspective.
  • Commenced review of the Microbirth GBS online course.
  • Engaged with women from the Love Local Fleurieu community who sponsored gifts at the 2017 ACM National conference to write guest blogs for us related to topics they specialise in such as foot health (for you as midwives and also women in pregnancy) and yoga.  Keep an eye on the Education newsletter for more details.

Coming up:

  • 19th July webinar to be hosted by Felicity Finn addressing self care for midwives.  Regsiter HERE
  • 16th August webinar to be hosted by Duncan Fisher, addressing Engaging with Fathers in Maternity Services.  Register HERE
  • 20th September webinar to be hosted by Nasrin Javid, adressing The Midwife's Role: Caring for women with vasa praevia.  Register HERE.
  • The Midwifery Initiated Oral Health online course will be released

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Area 4 - Community Engagement

  • 4th May we attended the SA National Conference 'Individuating care: No one right way' at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Adelaide7th May attended the National Strategic Approach to Maternity Service Consultation workshop in Adelaide representing midwifery.
  • Worked with the ACM Policy & Professioanl Practice Unit who managed the ACM submission for the National Strategic Approach to Maternity Service Consultation.
  • Contributed or reviewed the following Standards, Consultations, Position Statements: APHRA Review of accreditation arrangements – assignment of accreditation functions; English Language Tests; Landscape review of maternity services education in Victoria; Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy; Senate enquiry into Stillbirth; CAPEA Competency Standards for Childbirth and Early Parenting Educators.
  • Kirsty continues to be engaged in the ACM Reconciliation Action Plan which is progressing well.
  • Strengthened our engagement with Still Aware & SANDS from contacts made at the SA Conference and then working in partnership to disseminate information for midwives and the community.

Coming up:

  • The NMBA RN Standards are coming up for review.


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