ACM provides feedback on the proposed Capability Framework for Diabetes Care

We are pleased to make a submission for the proposed ‘Capability Framework for Diabetes Care: A guide for practice for nurses, allied health professionals, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners and health assistants’.  A summary of our full response is as follows:

  • The Framework was well set out and easy to follow, creating a consistent structure and set of expectations for expected capabilities and skills at the different Tiers identified.
  • We reiterated that Midwives provide care for women across number of Tiers as indicated by the Framework and as such this Framework is relevant to midwives practice.  However, Midwives are not identified across the range of Tiers and so we recommended the Framework to be amended so that all midwives that work across different sections of the childbirth trajectory are accounted for.  We have called for this recognition and identification to ensure that organisations, employers etc. are aware that midwives can have the required skills to work across the Tiers. 
  • We noted that there was not enough focus on the GDM population as the framework is mostly targeting care of those with T1/T2. GDM is important to recognise and acknowledge as the GDM population is one of the biggest cohorts in maternity clinics now.
  • Overall, we can only see positive impacts to safe practice with the implementation of this framework as long as midwifery is recognised to allow for safe and effective deployment/engagement of suitable/qualified health professionals in the perinatal space.

You can read our full response here 

At this time we are unable to share the Framework as it is a part of a PhD.

Additional information
The Australian College of Midwives (ACM) is the peak professional body for midwives in Australia who are registered with, and regulated by, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). ACM’s position is that women have access to midwifery care during pregnancy, birth and postnatally. We exist to ensure midwives are strong and confident practitioners who can work to their full scope of practice