ACM calls on Midwives and community to support clear, visible health warning labels on alcoholic beverages

We need you to support clear visible health warning labels on alcoholic beverages. 

Please add your voice to the growing number of people calling for effective health warning labels.

It matters to all of us that our families have access to clear information about the health and safety of the products they buy – especially products that may harm our children. 

Yet, in Australia, alcohol products have never been legally required to carry a health warning about the risks alcohol can cause to unborn babies including stillbirth, miscarriage, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).   

With your voice, we can change that.

Ministers will soon meet to decide whether to support a health warning label for alcohol products carefully designed by the independent statutory authority on food standards in Australia and New Zealand. 

Your voice can help persuade Ministers to put the health and wellbeing of Australian children first by supporting the independent, evidence-based label design.

Read more about the work undertaken in this space to date:

18th February 2020: Mandatory pregnancy health warnings recommended by FSANZ for alcoholic beverages

Additional information

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