ACM Bushfire Emergency Statement

Good afternoon everyone,

The Australian College of Midwives is open for business again as of today, the 6th of January 2020 – The International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife!

Unfortunately 2020 has commenced with devastating bushfires affecting many Australians. Across our country families are grieving the loss of loved ones, suffering from the destruction of property and experiencing the many other traumas that come with facing bushfires. While the conditions, in the east at least, have abated a little for now, the scale of the fire emergency means that we will likely face further challenging days both with the immediate crisis and in the recovery period to come.

While truly devastating, this bushfire crisis is also marked by the demonstration of the Australian spirit. Communities have pulled together to fight the fires, support their neighbours and comfort one another. It has been heart-warming to witness and hear about the many acts of bravery, kindness and compassion happening across the nation. ACM is extremely proud of midwives providing support directly through our health services, working as members of their local fire brigades, and by helping support fire-fighting and other services in their communities. Midwives are especially important for women and families in these adverse times and circumstances.

We are here to support our members, all midwives and our broader communities where we can. Please make contact with our team through or on 02 6230 7333 if you need assistance, advice, or just someone to talk to.

We’d also love to spread some good cheer where we can. So if you have witnessed or participated in a heart-warming act, whether midwifery related or otherwise, please let us know and we will share it widely though our facebook and other channels.

Most importantly, please stay safe and aware of the advice of our emergency management agencies.

Luke Williamson
Chief Executive Officer