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ACM online courses are a convenient way to deliver education to a large number of people who can be located in various places around Australia or indeed the world. You can access them from anywhere and at any time via the internet on computers, tablets and phones. Each course contains a standard set of modules and topic-specific content (see our online courses structure). An assessment is generally conducted at the end of the course to validate your learning, and you will receive a certificate (including CPD hours) upon successful completion of the course.

Access ACM online courses

Anyone can access an ACM online course as long as they have purchased access, self-enrolled into one of our free courses, OR access has been granted as part of a bulk order agreement,

For more details about bulk ordering of ACM course, please refer to the ACM Online Course Bulk Order Terms & Conditions and Order Form. You can consult our list of available courses here. Otherwise, ACM online courses can be purchased from our online shop.

A description of our courses has been compiled for your information in this file. Each course has a template for individuals to undertake Reflective Practice before commencement of course, immediately post completion and 6 months post completion. The template is not a requirement to complete the course but can voluntarily be utilised by the user to strengthen their learning experience.

Course enrolment is completed within 2-3 business days by the Education Unit, after a purchase has been made in the ACM Shop unless the course is FREE to enroll in which case a user can go directly to Midwives Learn and self-enroll.

To assist you with logging into Midwives Learn and accessing courses, we have created the following user manuals:

Alternatively, you can watch the following how-to video:

Contact us

If you have any questions relating to our e-Learning courses, please contact our Education Unit at

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