How to become a midwife

Midwifery is a wonderful and fulfilling career. You have the opportunity to be an integral part of one of the most incredible journeys a woman will ever go on.

The process of becoming a midwife may not be as complicated as you think, and we are here to support you all the way.

You don’t need to have any existing qualifications, such as a nursing degree, to begin training as a midwife. You can undertake an undergraduate degree at an university near you as a direct entrant.

At ACM we not only support you through your studies by providing access to a network of peers and unofficial mentors, we also support you to become a qualified and practicing midwife. We can guide you through the process of registration, endorsement, insurance, scholarships, further development and even finding a job!

Midwifery to me is about supporting women transition through an important life stage. It demands that you feel passionate about protecting and supporting her to navigate the system and create lasting memories, about helping her feel empowered and strong. (Angela, Midwife)

Let ACM support you whilst you become a Midwife

At ACM we partner with the greatest training institutes in the world to provide world leading continuing professional development (CPD) with a midwifery focus. We offer ongoing professional development opportunities across webinars, online courses, research, worshops and more. Our programs are relevant and challenging, and when you study with our community you are surrounded by other midwives, educators and advocates. The courses are designed to equip our members with the highest standard of education to lead our profession forward.

Choose Your CPD

More Reasons To Study With ACM

Make Sure You Are Insured CorrectlyOverseas Midwives
Practicing midwife must be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance and endorsement.Moving to Australia as a midwife can be complex, with registration, visas and finding a job

ACM members have access to a range of free or discounted CPD training opportunities.Browse our national and branch scholarships and find one which you qualify for.

Position VacantAwards and Recognition
We support our ACM members to find a job. Browse available positions now!The ACM Annual Awards recognise and honour outstanding midwives and midwifery practice.