MidPLUS is a continuing professional development (CPD) tool developed by the Australian College of Midwives to assist you to reflect on your midwifery practice, to identify learning needs and to plan and record your CPD activities.

As a midwife registered to practice in Australia, this means that you are now required to participate in, provide evidence of and reflect on, a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activities each year to maintain your registration. MidPLUS helps you make your CPD effective by providing you with the tools to identify, plan, document and meet your individual learning needs.

Who should use MidPLUS?

MidPLUS has been designed for use by midwives working across all aspects of midwifery, including all clinical areas, all models of care, research, education, management and government.  Regardless of whether you are a student, have recently graduated, are mid-way through your career, or are planning retirement, MidPLUS will help enhance your practice.

How will MidPLUS enhance my practice?

MidPLUS will help you to:

  • meet your legal and professional obligations in maintaining the currency of your practice skills and knowledge
  • identify the skills and knowledge you need to develop personally and in your professional role as a midwife
  • maintain your professional competence in your current role
  • meet the current and future needs of childbearing women and their families
  • be assured that your practice is best practice
  • maintain confidence in your practice and feel more motivated
  • take on wider responsibilities and achieve your career goals
  • remain up to date with issues relevant to your practice
  • meet national registration CPD requirements

MidPLUS includes

  • An online diary which guides you to develop your learning needs
  • A log to help you record and reflect on your CPD activities
  • Step by step support to engage in your own cycle of reflection, learning and development
  • A strong focus on CPD that is relevant to you and your needs

How does MidPLUS work?

To complete MidPLUS annual requirements and receive a certificate of completion, you are required to accrue a minimum of 30 points of CPD activities each year.  For ease of use, each hour of CPD activity accrues one point (1 hour = 1 point).

You may choose to participate in greater amounts of CPD each year than the MidPLUS-required 30 hours, particularly if your job role has recently changed, you have several different roles and responsbilities within your job, or there are many different practice areas that you are interested in.  Newly graduated midwives will generally undertake greater hours of CPD in the year following graduation.

How to access your MidPLUS if you are a full member, Graduate or Student member of the ACM

If you are a Full, Graduate or Student member, MidPLUS is provided automatically when you join the ACM. Go to the Member Portal at the top right hand corner of this website and log in. Then, scroll down the left hand side of the page until you find your CPD Log and MidPLUS Learning Needs Diary.

How to purchase the MidPLUS if you are a Consumer or Associate member of the ACM

The purchase price for Consumer and Associate members is $27.50 per year.

Log into the website and add MidPLUS to your cart below.  As you work through the purchase process, you will see the cost being discounted to $27.50.

How to purchase the MidPLUS if you are not a member of the ACM

For non-members, the cost is $220 per year.

Add MidPLUS to your cart below and follow instructions.

Please note: as of 9 March 2016, we are experiencing a delay in the transfer of CPD data from our old membership database. This means that even if you have MidPLUS access, you may not be able to view previously added CPD data. Rest assured, this data is not lost. It is all very safe in our old database and when we iron out the kinks, it will be migrated into this new system and you will be able to view it as normal.

If you currently have MidPLUS but are unable to see it in your Member Portal, please let us know. Again, rest assured you have not lost your MidPLUS, we may just need to follow up why you cannot see it.