Full membership of the College is open to all registered midwives currently practising midwifery (whether full or part-time) and includes midwives who are clinicians, educators, managers, researchers, policymakers, and any other professional role in which the individual uses their midwifery knowledge and skills.

Consult our Member benefits page for more details about this membership.

Fees and payment options

  • Annual ACM full membership fee: $365.00
  • Monthly ACM full membership fee: $33.00

If you opt to pay for your membership by monthly instalments, payment is by direct debit from your bank account or recurring payments charged to your credit card.

Note: you need to contact our membership officer directly to set up direct debit for your subscription (read our Direct Debit Service Agreement). Contact details are as follow: members@midwives.org.au or 0459 718 577.

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Note: you will be asked to create a user account to be able to purchase your membership. If you already have an ACM user account (e.g. if you were an ACM member or made a purchase on our website in the past), make sure you are logged in before you proceed. If you are unsure or can't remember your login details: contact our membership officer (members@midwives.org.au or 0459 718 577) and they will find out for you: it is quick and easy!

Once you are logged in to your account, select the membership subscription type you would like to purchase by clicking on 'Select membership' for your preferred option below. The system will take through the registration steps.

Each subscription is for a 12 month period, regardless of payment schedule. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more information.

You can also simply click here to download our membership form and send it back to us via email or post. 

Full Membership Annual
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