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The ACM is the voice of midwives in Australia; supporting and representing midwives, and leading the Australian midwifery profession. We represent and support midwives in all professional capacities to government, in the media, and in the workplace. We advocate for midwifery and we lobby for woman-centred care. Our focus is on supporting our members throughout their midwifery career, providing access to resources and evidence-based information, support to network and build community, and opportunities to develop professionally.

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The Australian College of Midwives is the professional body for midwives in Australia. If you’re a midwife we’re here for you. It doesn’t matter to us where you practise or whether you practise at all, what stage of your career you’re at or whether you haven’t quite started it yet; we’re for all  midwives.

Membership with us will help you thrive. This is what we do for you:

-Advocacy: ACM goes into bat for all midwives- in the workplace, in the media, in the government and in a whole range of other organisations. The more members we have, the stronger our voice.

-CPD: Get discounts for e-Learning courses and build on your skills or just do the 20 hours you need to reregister, FREE in our webinar library.

-Information: Industry news and guideline changes, new evidence, opportunities and articles of interest will be delivered directly to your inbox.

-Support: We have the resources to support our members emotionally, legally  and with career advice. Through your engagement with ACM, you can also build your own network of professional contacts and unofficial mentors.

So if you’re in the business of helping make families, come and join ours. It’s easy and won’t take much longer than a contraction.