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Along with the advantages of being part of a powerful organisation with a strong voice representing Australian midwives, we know a few little 'extras' can make all the difference to the busy midwife. Join ACM now or call 1300 360 480 if you would like to discuss your options with one of our lovely membership officers!

Australian midwives at ICM Prague
ACM Members at the ICM Congress, Prague, 2014

Become part of the ACM community today to...

(For a summary of benefits and services included in each membership, see our Membership Benefits Table)

Remain informed

Develop/maintain your professional skills

Be recognised

Influence and Engage

Participate in ACM governance and advocacy activities:

  • attend and/or vote at ACM general meetings (full, graduate and student members only);
  • stand for appointment on the Board of Directors, Council, state/territory branches or Advisory Committees. This is a great way to learn what is happening in your profession, meet other passionate midwives with similar interests, and help shape the ACM‘s strategic direction and activities. (full and graduate members only)
  • Influence key government and non-government forums making decisions that affect maternity and midwifery care.

... and Receive exclusive benefits from our PARTNERS!

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