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Now accepting submissions for our Spring 2019 edition - Skills of the Modern Midwife

Submission deadline: COB 22nd July 2019.

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2019 Submission Deadlines

Midwifery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People21st January 2019
Students- the future of midwifery 8th April 2019
Skills for the modern midwife  22nd July 2019
Omnium Gatherum 7th October 2019

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Past Issues

Volume 19 Number 3 Spring 2019 - Skills For the Modern Midwife
Sep 2019
Volume 19 Number 2 Winter 2019 - Students - The Future of Midwifery
Jul 2019
Volume 19 Number 1 Autumn 2019 - Midwifery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islan
Mar 2019