All midwives are encouraged to undertake a process of reflection after undertaking any Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity.

ACM provides a number of ways to assist midwives to log and reflect on their CPD Activities.

  1. MidPLUS

MidPLUS is a continuing professional development (CPD) tool developed by the ACM to assist you to reflect on your midwifery practice, to identify learning needs and to plan and record your CPD activities. Access to MidPLUS is via your member portal and is included in your ACM Membership (to the exception of ACM associate and consumer members).

More information on how to find MidPLUS in your member portal here.

Regardless of whether you are a student, have recently graduated, are mid-way through your career, or are planning retirement, MidPLUS will help enhance your practice.

MidPLUS includes:

  • An online diary which guides you to develop your learning needs;
  • A log to help you record and reflect on your CPD activities; and
  • Step-by-step support to engage in your own cycle of reflection, learning and development.

In addition, if you have completed a minimum of 30 CPD points within any given registration year (1st June – 31st May), you will be able to generate your MidPLUS certificate for the year.

See our Guide on how to access and use MidPLUS and other MidPLUS resources here.

  1. Reflective Activity templates

The ACM has created a series of templates that can be used to reflect on different CPD activities. They have been based on the Gibbs cycle as discussed below.

Reflective Activity templates can assist you to clearly track your reflections of CPD activities undertaken throughout your Registration year. You are encouraged to save the Reflective Activity document (once completed) as a supporting file in your portfolio as evidence of your learning and ongoing reflection on practice.

Structured Reflection

Structured reflection is the process of thinking about your practice at the time (reflection-in-action) or after the event (reflection-on-action) or before the event (reflection-for-action’) and doing something with these thoughts such as writing about them or discussing them with your peers (Teate, Tierney Roth 2014 cited Atkins and Murphy, 1993).

Gibbs Reflective Cycle

The Gibbs (1988) cycle (above) can be used to help you to reflect on your practice and the CPD activity you have undertaken from three different perspectives;

  1. ‘Pre learning’ (before you start the course);
  2. ‘Immediate post learning’ (what you have learnt/understood immediately post completion of the CPD); and,
  3. ‘3-6 months later’ (what might have changed in your practice following completion of the CPD).

Midwives are encouraged to save all reflections and refer to them throughout their registration year as a way of assessing whether they have enabled the midwife to meet their learning needs. Midwives should also save all reflections as supporting files in their CPD portfolio as evidence of their overall learning and reflection.

Remember the reflection is an individual's take on the CPD activity they have undertaken and the impact that it has had on their personal practice. Midwives will gain as much from this process as they are willing to put in.

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