Insurance for Private Midwives

There is one insurance product for privately practising midwives (PPMs). In order to access this product, PPMs must have NMBA Endorsement for scheduled medicines for midwives (previously referred to as eligibility). Once PPMs are endorsed they may access the Midwifery Practice Insurance Scheme (MPIS).

The MPIS is a Commonwealth subsidised scheme for endorsed midwives and is available from MIGA. The MPIS covers pregnancy and postnatal care in any setting, and labour and birth care in a hospital or birth unit.

If you are an endorsed midwife who provides intrapartum care at home, you will not be insured by MIGA and thus fall under the Exemption legislation.

Important Note: We are NOT AUTHORISED to advise you on yout professional indemnity insurance needs or arrange any insurance for you, not do we endorse any policy terms. We strongly recommend that you seek advice by contacting MIGA directly.

What do I need to know about insurance?

Here are some questions we would recommend that you ask of MIGA (but are not limited to):

  • What midwifery practice does your insurance policy cover?
  • What exclusions to the policy are there?  (all insurance policies have exclusions)
  • What is the maximum amount of a claim that the policy will respond to?
  • What does the policy provide support for?  In the event of a claim arising, what will this insurance do for me?
  • What do I have to do to maintain my entitlement for this insurance over time?
  • What are my responsibilities for reporting under this policy?
  • What price is your policy?  Are there any alternative price options or discounts available?
  • Does your policy provide for run-off cover?  (this is essential if you cease practice and a claim arises from the time when you were practising)
  • If run-off cover is provided what does it cost?

We provide advice to MIGA about some of the information and professional development resources it provides to its midwife policy holders.

I am a PPM who is not endorsed. What about insurance for me?

Currently, there are no other insurance options for PPMs who are not endorsed. if you are not endorsed, one option is to apply for NMBA Endorsement for scheduled medicines for midwives which will then make you eligible to access the Midwifery Practice Insurance Scheme.

Short and long term insurance solutions for PPMs – what are we doing?

We are currently working with stakeholders, jurisdiction and federal Australian Governments as well as the NMBA to identify short and long term insurance solutions for PPMs. Below is a Discussion Paper which outlines the issues of insurance for privately practising midwives and how we have been working to find soluations.

One possible soluation that we have been working on is the Midwifery Practice Scheme (MPS), which is a project that has been commissed by Queensland Health. The MPS  has been designed to provide a basis for the provision of professional indemnity insurance to cover privately practicing midwives in Queensland. The MPS will provide a safety and quality framework that will increase the confidence of governments, midwives, and clients in the services of PPMs. It is also hoped that it will make PII for PPMs a viable commercial opportunity for insurers.