In Australia we often medicalise birth when we don’t need to, forgetting that pregnancy and birth isn’t an illness, it’s a normal physiological process!

What is continuity of care?

Midwifery care is the best maternity care you can get. The real gold standard is the ‘continuity of care’ model where you see the same midwife or midwives throughout your whole pregnancy, so that when you have your baby and in the weeks after, you are getting care from someone you know well and trust. And there is plenty of evidence to prove it’s the best. Here are the stats.

With midwifery-led care you are more likely to:

  • have a normal birth;
  • have your baby at term and healthy;
  • have a positive experience of labour and birth;
  • be satisfied with your maternity care;
  • successfully breastfeed your baby; and
  • cost the health system less.

And place of birth matters too. The odds of normal labour and birth are more than twice as high in planned birth centre births than in hospitals. You are also:

  • 19% less likely to lose your baby before 24 weeks;
  • 24% less likely to experience Pre term birth;
  • 16% less likely to have an episiotomy;
  • 6% less likely to have a caesarean;
  • More likely to breastfeed successfully; and
  • More likely to have a positive birth experience.

It’s up to you to choose the kind of care you want. Ask your GP about midwifery led care or whether you can access continuity of care where you live. Alternatively you can find your own privately practising midwife.