Frequently Asked Questions


General Website Information & Help

What about my membership card and member number?

We no longer use member numbers or member cards. Please discard your member card as it is no longer valid, and no further cards will be issued.

How do I access resources in my Member Portal?

Open your Member Portal and browse the menu on the lefthand side. You will be able to see if there are any new resources under Notifications at the top. For other resources look further down the menu under My Content; they are categorised into relevant folders i.e. event resources or purchased resources.

I have selected my Interest Groups but now I’d like to change them. How do I do that?

Visit the Interest Groups page. From here you can navigate to ‘Manage your Midwifery Interest Groups’ and ‘Manage your Regional Interest Groups’. To make a change to your interest groups, click ‘Manage Interest Groups’. Select the Interest Group you would like to add or remove and select ‘Join’ or ‘Leave this group’.

How can I get a copy of my invoice?

Go to your Member Portal. Look to the My Account menu on the lefthand side of your screen, click on ‘Transactions’ to see all previous transactions, and view invoices.

I've forgotten my password

Your password will need to be reset.

Click here to request a new password, and enter the email address you would like your new password to be sent to. Go to your email inbox and open up the email. Click the link provided in the email to change your password immediately. Once you have updated your password, you can login using your email and the new password you have just created.