Here are some questions we would recommend that you ask of MIGA (but are not limited to):

  • What midwifery practice does your insurance policy cover?
  • What exclusions to the policy are there?  (all insurance policies have exclusions)
  • What is the maximum amount of a claim that the policy will respond to?
  • What does the policy provide support for?  In the event of a claim arising, what will this insurance do for me?
  • What do I have to do to maintain my entitlement for this insurance over time?
  • What are my responsibilities for reporting under this policy?
  • What price is your policy?  Are there any alternative price options or discounts available?
  • Does your policy provide for run-off cover?  (this is essential if you cease practice and a claim arises from the time when you were practising)
  • If run-off cover is provided what does it cost?