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12:00am Tuesday, 29 September 2020
11:30pm Friday, 24 June 2022
Available Online
Available Online -

Join us for the inaugural #mumsmatter National Online Symposium themed A New Australian Narrative for Mums: Decolonising Motherhood. 

A range of speakers will share their own experiences of parenting, working with mothers, and organising community based events that will ask: how can we redefine motherhood in Australia?

The aim of #mumsmatter is to create a platform for different world views and experiences to be shared, and to imagine a new postpartum experience for future generations. 

The #mumsmatter movement is a multi-layered project aimed at creating a groundswell across Australia for women to reclaim and create a new motherhood narrative and experience. 

Once a woman becomes a mother, her story is often reduced to a two-dimensional combination of her old story and her motherhood story. However, we recognise that women’s lives and stories are rich, complex webs. Furthermore, many women in Australia are marginalised from the mainstream Australian motherhood narrative because of limiting societal structures, and these stories aren’t widely heard. We want to achieve the aims of #mumsmatter through elevating the voices we don’t often hear.

We are a group of Australian mums who got tired of whitewashed,  heteronormative, fetishised depictions of motherhood and wanted to create a platform for stories of real Australian mums/women/parents/carers to be heard -  particularly stories we don't often read or hear about in mainstream media.

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  • Lia Pa’apa'a - shares her experience of having a child and how becoming a mother brought her closer to her ancestors and their cultural practices.  
  • Samantha Jansen - Motherhood – The journey of transitions with imperfections and discovering self-worth.
  • Lenine Bourke - shares her queer parenting experiences. 
  • Nicki Jeffery - talks about faith and mental illness 
  • Paula Abood  -Aunties as social mothers in family and community
  • Kirilly Dawn in conversation with Angela Coe - Talking about decolonising birth in Australia

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