Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers

9:00am Saturday, 31 October 2020
11:55pm Saturday, 22 January 2022
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1 in 3 people experiencing a traumatic birth is WAY too high.
The statistics showing upwards of 15% of midwives and obstetricians developing PTSD from vicarious trauma is WAY too high. 
My name is Dr Erin Bowe. This trauma course is like no other. I have the professional background as a clinical psychologist of 10+ years AND the lived experience of two traumatic births myself. I am the bridge between the research about birth trauma, and the lived experience.
I’ve used these experiences as a conduit for personal growth and strength. I believe that trauma can actually be your biggest teacher.  I’m here to teach you how to navigate birth trauma, so that you can have a sustainable career as a birth worker.
This work isn't all darkness and shadow! I teach you to find lightness in without making light of trauma.
You can make phenomenal change in the lives of birthing people. You just have to decide. I can teach you to align your thoughts, words and behaviours to create the strength and resilience you want. To feel confident, calm and like you're actually making a difference to birthing outcomes. 

Birth Trauma training for Birth Workers is an online course designed to give you the confidence, growth and lifelong resilience that you need to stay in this work.

I’m so committed to improving birth trauma outcomes that the first lesson is completely free here

About the Presenter

Dr Erin Bowe is a Clinical Psychologist with 10+ years experience in perinatal mental health. She specialises in supporting healthcare workers to navigate vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout. Having experienced two traumatic births herself (despite all the research and preparation!), it was that human connection from her care providers that ultimately made a difference. She knows what a difference a supportive, confident and trauma informed midwife makes to a woman and her family. Coping with trauma is a teachable skill. 

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Recognised by the ACM for 16 CPD hours


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