VBAC: Online Live Panel

2:00pm Thursday, 18 February 2021
3:00pm Thursday, 18 February 2021
Webinar will run online
ACM Office
Online, Australian Capital Territory 2601

VBAC: Online Live Panel


Hazel Keedle

Hazel Keedle is a lecturer of midwifery at Western Sydney University and a PhD candidate. Hazel has worked in midwifery group practices, an aboriginal medical service, a variety of hospital settings and as a privately practising midwife in both city and regional locations.  Hazel's passion for VBAC followed her own experience of having a VBAC with her daughter in 2008 and since then has published research on women's experience of having a homebirth after caesarean and on her PhD work exploring women’s experiences of planning a VBAC in Australia.  

Tessa Kowaliw

Tessa’s own long-standing interest in VBAC and consumer advocacy began with the birth of her first child, via a traumatic, unplanned Caesarean, in 2009. Since then, she has found a range of ways to continue advocating for the improvement of access to services, information and support for women who - like her - wish to break the Caesarean cycle, and discover that this isn’t as easy as it should be.

In addition to being a consumer advocate, Tessa works for Personify Care, a tech company which digitises patient pathways and collects PROMs and PREMs for hospitals in Australia and overseas. She currently holds, among others, a Special Purpose Director position with Women’s Healthcare Australasia, and sits on RANZCOG’s Council as a community member. She is a co-author on the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) Pregnancy and Childbirth standard set, and her video ‘The Importance of Patient Perspective in Outcome Measurement’ is used by UNSW for its Master of Health Data Science course.

In her daily life, Tessa shares birth-related content via her facebook page, One Mother to Another, and admins the facebook group, VBAC Chat South Australia, which she created in order to bring together consumers, birth workers and clinicians with a shared interest in VBAC.

Talitha Herrick

Talitha has worked as a PPM for 1.5yrs, previously she worked in MGP for women of a refugee background. She completed her midwife studies in 2012 after working as a neonatal nurse for 11 years. Talitha is a strong advocate for women and believe women deserve to be fully informed and acknowledged in their ability to to make decisions. She is aware of the reasons Caesareans occur and understands how vital it is women be given the chance and space to explore their choices around birthing their next child.

Date & Time: Thursday 18th February, 2:00pm AEDT. 

14:00 in ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS  |  13:30 in SA
13:00 in QLD  |  12:30 in NT  |  11:00 in WA

Tickets: FREE

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