Elsevier Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Post Graduate Midwifery Scholarship

Elsevier established the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Post Graduate Midwifery Scholarship to be awarded annually for a maximum of four years. This was in acknowledgement of the endorsement by the ACM of several Elsevier midwifery publications. Up to $1,500 is available for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwife.

Closes 10 June 2019

The purpose of the ACM annual national scholarship is to provide one scholarship per year, for a maximum of four years, commencing 2018, of $1500 to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander midwife who is undertaking postgraduate midwifery studies leading to a postgraduate midwifery qualification eg certificate, diploma, masters or PhD.

Terms and conditions

This scholarship will be awarded for the purposes of postgraduate midwifery study only. The scholarship may be used toward paying course registration fees, buying textbooks or equipment that facilitates study eg lap top. Recipients may be required to provide evidence of their enrolment in identified postgraduate study.

If you are awarded a scholarship, you must:

  • Provide a written report or article for consideration in the Australian Midwifery News
  • Be prepared to share your postgraduate studies experience at an ACM event
  • Acknowledge ACM when the scholarship has supported any thesis, dissertation, publication or presentation resulting from study undertaken


  • Applicants must identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Be a full member of the ACM for at least the previous two years
  • Have not received an ACM scholarship within the last two years
  • Have not defaulted on the terms and conditions of an ACM scholarship previously awarded

How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship, you must submit to admin@midwives.org.au:

  • A completed scholarship application form
  • A summarised curriculum vitae (maximum length two A4 pages)
  • Proof of enrolment in an identified postgraduate study program
  • A short (300 word) essay detailing how your postgraduate midwifery qualifications will enhance your practice and career as a midwife.

Full information about the ACM National Scholarship, including eligibility and selection criteria, can be found in our Scholarship Policy.

Applications close 10 June 2019.

If you have any queries, please contact Hilary Rorison at hilary.rorison@midwives.org.au.