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The Midwifery Musings

The Midwifery Musings are the Education Units blog of sorts. We created them to talk about education related content specific to midwifery. These blog pieces can be found on our News pages, but for those of you who want to see them all in one place, this is the page to come to for the links. Each piece aims to provide you with a summary of an idea, practice or concept about midwifery and then provide you with ideas on how (and where) to access, manage and reflect on your continuous professional development going forwards. There are also links to ACM resources related to the topic (such as webinars, courses, articles and more) and ACM templates to help you record and reflect on your learning.


Yoga for Midwives Blog - Two Simple Breathing Exercises to Power up your Prana

DoH changes to the Australian Immunisation Handbook - recommendation for the optimal timing of antenatal pertussis vaccination.

Take Heart to END RHD

Female Genital Mutilation open access content

Cherisse Buzzacott, Midwife, ACM Project Officer Birthing on Country inspiring learning


ACM working for Midwives education - Q4 2018

Yoga for Midwives Blog - The Niyamas: the Yogis’ Code of Ethics – Part II


How can I learn about Reflexology?

Yoga for Midwives Blog - The Yamas: the Yogis’ Code of Ethics – Part I

So, you’re a student midwife? Say it out loud, “I’m a student midwife”. How great does that feel?!, by 


For midwives looking for Re-entry options: UniSA Release an Accredited Re-entry Pathway for Midwives


Meet Midwifery Leader and Gippsland Branch Treasurer, Barb Dann

Student Experiences Applying for Graduate Positions

Meet the Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC): Rakime Elmir

5 Yin Yoga Poses for Healing a Lower Backache


ACM working for Midwives Education - Q3 2018

How Reflexology can help you and your clients.

Discover more about the award winning, midwifery-led continence service at Lyell McEwin Hospital’s Women and Children’s Division.

To YouTube your yoga or not? That is the question.


Parkinson’s in Pregnancy: Understanding an unusual clinical scenario

Yoga Blog for Midwives - Yoga styles unpacked

Podiatry for Midwives

Meet MEAC Student Representative: Bec Lloyd


Meet ACM member: Christine Bowles

Yoga Blog for Midwives Part II: Breathing

Baggarrook Yurrongi: Improving the health of Aboriginal mothers and babies through Continuity of Midwife Care

Seeking Expressions of Interest: Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) Members

Alcohol and Breastfeeding: Do the carers' care?, Written by Dr Roslyn Giglia PhD, MPH, Grad Dip Diet, BSc, Adv APD

Military Midwifery, Written by Liz McNeil, RM, RN, ADM

August 2018

Meet MEAC Student Representative: Bec Lloyd

Midwifery Careers - Growing a strong midwifery discipline at Western Sydney University Managing Midwifery

Developing our online Refresher content for Midwives

Midwives, Mothers and Good Oral Health Care

MEDIA RELEASE - Midwives sink their teeth into oral health

Midwifery Career Pathway Survey Results

July 2018

Meet ACM member: Vanessa Scarf

NEW Yoga Blog for Midwives

June 2018

ACM working for Midwives Education - Q2 2018

Are you a single star type of midwife or part of a constellation?  Report on a presentation to Flinders University 1st year students.

Seeking Expressions of Interest: ACM Representative - Wound Credentialing Advisory Committee (WCAC) - OPEN

Seeking Expressions of Interest: Wound Credentialing Program – 2 Midwives to be fast tracked through the Wound Credentialed Program and become peer reviewers - OPEN

Seeking Expressions of Interest: Student Member - Midwifery Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) - closed 25th June

Seeking Expressions of Interest - E-learning course QUIZ Master - extended closing date - 16th July

May 2018

Maternal Mental Health Awareness

Meet Our Volunteer: Holly Priddis

Meet Our Volunteer: Tara George

A focus on Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD)

April 2018 

ACM working for Midwives Education - Q1 2018

Cesarean Awareness Month is a time to reflect on our practice

My VBAC Story - Rebecca Bell

Next Birth After Cesarean - what the King Edward memorial Hospital have on offer

March 2018 

Down Syndrome – why we need to know more before we can talk with women well

Endometriosis Awareness month is here – what are you doing?

Endometriosis & Pregnancy - from one who knows

February 2018

Meet a local midwifery hero: Tina Bode

Endometriosis Awareness Month is coming - what will you do?

The Perineum

Can birth be anything, but an emergency on TV?

January 2018 

Why is it important for midwives to know about continence?

December 2017

Exploring the SAHMRI Building 

October 2017