Workshops and Training


Midwifery Clinical Refresher - Mater Education

Monthly Intakes in South Brisbane, QLD. 180 hours.
This course is designed for qualified Midwives who are currently registered to practice but are (who feel they are)
out-of-practice and wish to refresh their knowledge and skills in an acute maternity care setting.



Maternity Education Program - Advanced Course

BRIS, Workshops available May to December 2021
One-day simulation workshop designed for medical and midwifery staff who are currently working in a maternity clinical environment. The workshop is case-based taken from real life situations that have been developed into scenarios for training. 


Third Trimester (Late Pregnancy) Ultrasound for Midwives & Nurses

July 28-29th 2021, Mar 30-31st 2022, Aug 24-25th 2022.
Gold Coast, QLD.
This 2-day program is specifically designed for Midwives and Nurses who have an interest in point of care ultrasound. Lots of practical scanning with volunteers of varying gestations within the 3rd trimester.


Fetal Surveillance Education Program – Full Program

Workshops available in various hospitals around Australia
May to December 2021
The FSEP is a face-to-face educational interaction designed to improve the understanding, interpretation and management of Cardiotocograph (CTG) trace and associated fetal monitoring techniques.


Introduction to Active Birth Workshop

MELB, Nov 18. BRIS, Dec 2. Online.
One day or Online workshop aims to empower health professionals with skills to help women achieve a normal physiological birth.


Clinical Certificate of Hypnosis - CBT - FPS Training Course

Sydney in Nov/Dec, Brisbane in July.
Clinical and Advanced Clinical Courses all include Relaxation, Stress Management, Guided Imagery, CBT and hypnosis
in addition to the Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS).


Early Pregnancy Ultrasound for Nurses and Midwives

Oct 18-19. Melbourne, VIC.
2 day workshop. Learn the scanning techniques to assess your patient for ectopic pregnancy, confirm intrauterine pregnancy or discover the cause for their pain and bleeding.


Third Trimester Ultrasound for Nurses and Midwives

Aug 9-10, Nov 25-26. Melbourne, VIC.
2 day workshop. Master the fundamentals of ultrasound assessment in late pregnancy. Identify the placental location, fetal lie and amniotic fluid volumes.


birthwell birthright Lamaze Childbirth Educator Training Program

Sydney Apr 28 - May 2.
As the only accredited childbirth educator certification, Lamaze certification prepares you to teach a curriculum based on evidence with skill and confidence.


Industry Leading Babywearing Training for Perinatal Professionals

SYD June 2-6, BRIS Aug 4-8, MELB Sept 8-12, PER Oct, ADEL TBC
The Australian Babywearing Association’s online and in-person training course covers essential guidelines on safety and positioning when using a baby carrier, wrap, or sling. It is designed for professionals who work with parents in the crucial perinatal period - before, during, and after birth.
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Your Private Practice Getting it Right Workshop

MELB, Jun 24. BRIS, July 14. SYD, Oct 17. Various locations.
Online - Nov 15, 22, 29
The workshop for any midwife considering entering private midwifery practice.


Active Birth 2 Day Workshop

Various Locations. BRIS, Jul 15-16. SYD, Dec 9-10.
Comprehensive workshop aiming to empower health professionals with skills to help women achieve a normal physiological birth.



Aquanatal® Instructor Training

A combination of online theory and face to face practical training course for midwives and other health professionals. The training course includes theory sessions, a minimum of 4 pool sessions, and pre and post course work and assessments. Successful completion will enable participants to provide Aquanatal® classes to pregnant and postnatal women in the community. 


ibirthprofessionals Certified Birth and/or Postpartum Doula

Step by step online Doula certification with mentoring by successful Doulas to make sure you succeed for yourself, your family and the women you will serve.
Step 1: Introduction to Doula-ing, Step 2: Introduction to Childbirth, Step 2: Introduction to Postpartum – all online
Step 3: Virtual Doula Workshop - Hands-on application & requirements
4, 11, 18, 25 Nov 2021


Advanced Clinical Tools for Management of Breastfeeding, Cry-fuss, Sleep and Mood Problems: Masterclasses in Neuroprotective Developmental Care

October 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11 and 18.
Online Modularised Masterclass via Zoom.
This educational activity teaches and assesses a set of core clinical competencies in clinical breastfeeding support and management of unsettled infant behaviour, developed from the Neuroprotective Developmental Care evidence-base. These Masterclasses also teach and assess the use of strategies drawn from a powerful new kind of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, adapted for the perinatal period. 


Consolidation of advanced clinical skills in the management breastfeeding problems and of infant cry-fuss and sleep problems

E-Learning, Continuous online activity, including live zoom sessions.
This online activity builds upon the skills and knowledge of breastfeeding support and infant sleep and cry-fuss problems learnt in the Masterclasses. It is designed for midwives and health professionals who have taken their new skills, using Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) interventions and committed to developing their competence as they work with their patients.


Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling and Intervention

Feb 9 - Dec 10 2021 or Feb 10 Dec 15 2021. Available Online.
This course provides practitioners with the education and skills required to become effective
bereavement counsellors. 


Improving Perinatal Mortality Review and Outcomes via Education (IMPROVE) Program

Various locations and Online.
Address the educational needs of maternity health professionals managing perinatal death based on the PSANZ's Perinatal Mortality Guideline.

Artemisia Natural Therapies Melbourne Brunswick Naturopath


Herbal Medicine and Nutrition supplementation during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Brunswick, VIC
A workshop for Midwives and Birth Practioners.


Diploma of Breastfeeding Management

Available Online and in Melbourne, VIC
This Diploma is designed with your needs as a health professional in mind; it will help you to develop the skills and
knowledge to help improve health outcomes for families.


STI and BBV Nursing: Management and Care

Online and various locations.
Understanding of the diagnoses and management of STIs and BBVs, including contact tracing/partner notification to prevent
transmission and reinfection.


STI and BBV Nursing: An Introduction

Online and various locations.
Understanding of the diagnoses and management of STIs, including contact tracing/partner notification to prevent
ransmission and reinfection.



Calmbirth Educator Training

Various locations and Online.
The Calmbirth Program takes a holistic approach to birth ensuring that couples are educated to work with birth on all levels.



Calmbirth Caregivers Workshop - Understanding the Psychology of Birth and Creating a Calmbirth Environment

Various locations.
Calmbirth® – Australia’s most highly acclaimed and trusted childbirth education program.


Birth Cartography Training

Various locations.
Birth Cartography is for midwives who are looking to enhance and support the decision making process with their lients in birth and beyond


‘Responding to Domestic and Family Violence Training’ | Central Australia & Barkly Regions

Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, NT
Free Training for Midwives.



Maternity Education Program - Advanced (MEP-Adv)

One-day simulation workshop designed for medical and midwifery staff who are currently working in a maternity clinical environment. The workshop is case-based taken from real life situations that have been developed into scenarios for training. The scenarios cover pregnancy related issues, intrapartum complexities, and postnatal complications.

Clinical Supervision Consultancy


Clinical Supervision for Role Development Training

Clinical Supervision for Role Development training equips potential clinical supervisors of reflective clinical supervision
with a framework for quality supervision practice.


Core and Floor Restore: In-service for Hospitals

By request.
Exercise and recovery program to restore


Fetal Surveillance Education Program (FSEP) - Refresher Program

Various locations.
The FSEP Refresher Program runs for 4 hours and revises the fundamental concepts of the full program.


Gentle Myofascial Therapy, Soft Tissue Helps for Midwifery

In-Person, book a workshop today!
This training includes a comprehensive approach to the theory and hands on protocols underpinning gentle
Soft Tissue/Fascial Therapy, along with some of the latest research into fascial manipulation.


A Cultural Perspective: Working with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander clients and families in health care settings

In-Person, book a workshop today!
The purpose of this course is to provide awareness of Aboriginal cultures in Australia and provide an open environment in which midwives
are able to learn and explore how history impacts on current Aboriginal health.


Hypnobirthing Australia™ Supportive Caregivers Training

Various locations and Online.
The course contains both theoretical and practical components designed to provide caregivers with opportunities to develop hypnobirthing techniques, knowledge, and skills.


Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner Childbirth Educator Training

Various locations and Online.
This comprehensive training provides educators with comprehensive teaching resources and the tuition and support to teach the Positive Birth Program with confidence and ease.

Optimal Maternal Positioning


Intro to Optimal Maternal Positioning

Live Virtual Workshops.
Introduction to Optimal Maternal Positioning focuses on creating space within the mother’s pelvic cavity.

Optimal Maternal Positioning


Optimal Maternal Positioning Educator

Teach and share your birthing wisdom to make an even greater impact in the birthing world as an Optimal Maternal Positioning Educator.

Optimal Maternal Positioning


Optimal Maternal Positioning Hands-On Workshop

A Revolutionary online program helping you master the techniques for a safe and Empowered birth.

Dr Kate Levett Acupuncture


Accupressure and other complementary therapy techniques for labour and birth

Workshops by request.
Acupressure and massage for labour.


Maternity Emergency Management - Introduction to Crisis Resource Management

South Brisbane, Qld.
One day simulation workshop.



The Microbiome and Probiotics in Infancy

In person training at multiple locations TBA and online webinars.
This training module covers subjects including the microbiome, dysbiosis, how to restore and maintain the microbiome and what is impacting the infant microbiome in the first 1000 days period. 


The Microbiome and Probiotics in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Various locations and Online.
This event will educate participants on the role of the microbiome, probiotics in pregnancy and breastfeeding and why evidence matters. 


Transforming Grief and Self Care For Midwives + The Midwife’s Insight

Workshops in various locations and Online Course.
Stacey O’Brien provides Midwives with a rare glimpse into the world of the bereaved mother. 


The National Health Education and Training in Simulation (NHET-Sim) Program

Various locations and Online.
The NHET-Sim programme is a nationwide training programme for healthcare professionals and their educators aimed
at improving clinical training capacity.


Online Course + Attendance at She Births® Weekend Course with Founder, Nadine Richardson

She Births® Course for Midwife CPD – Attend the Holistic and Evidence Based Weekend Course with Nadine Richardson
and discover the Tools and Techniques for creating better birth experiences.


Undisturbed Birth: Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing

Various locations.
Investigate the possible impacts of common maternity-care interventions on these delicate hormonal systems, including the effects of induction, caesareans and epidurals, and the possible consequences for mothers and babies. 


Water Immersion in Labour and Birth Workshop

Workshop will take place in hospitals or at request. 9:00am until 4:30pm with a lunch break.
Jennifer Greed at Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital, Clinical Midwifery Specialist

the Royal Womens Hospital


Emergency Birthing for Non-Maternity and Level 1 Services Program

Various locations in Victoria and Online.
Focuses on management of unexpected labour, birth and care of the newborn for maternity and non-maternity clinicians.

the Royal Womens Hospital


Maternity Update Program

Various locations in Victoria and Online Learning
Workshop - 1 day onsite multidisciplinary maternity education.

the Royal Womens Hospital


Koori Maternity Services (KMS) - Maternity Update Program

Various locations in Victoria.
Workshop - 1 day onsite multidisciplinary maternity education.