Online Courses


Acubirth for Midwives: Ancient Secrets to Better Bumps, Births and Babies

Discover ancient secrets from Chinese Medicine to help mums get the natural birth they really want.
Help them embrace their inner strength, reclaim their power and deliver like you know they can.


Industry Leading Babywearing Training for Perinatal Professionals

The Australian Babywearing Association’s online and in-person training course covers essential guidelines on safety and positioning when using a baby carrier, wrap, or sling. It is designed for professionals who work with parents in the crucial perinatal period - before, during, and after birth. 
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Infant Feeding in Emergencies

Dr Nina Chad and Dr Karleen Gribble discuss preparing for an emergency with a mum, including
what to pack in your evacuation kit for formula fed, breastfed and mixed fed babies.


Marketing of Infant Formulas: What you need to know and how you can make a difference

Online course from The Australian Breastfeeding Association.


Relactation, induced lactation and breastfeeding

Learn how to support mothers who are wanting to relactate after ceasing breastfeeding.


Understanding Breast Refusal

Online course from The Australian Breastfeeding Association.


Wellbeing in the age of COVID-19

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Introduction to Syphilis for Midwives: Western Australia

This Online Learning Module provides midwives with knowledge of priority populations for screening and testing, appropriate testing, interpretation of serology and contact tracing to reduce syphilis infections in Western Australia.


Becoming Us Intimate Partner Relationship Training for Midwives

Becoming Us perinatal relationship training supports you to support the mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing of the whole family.


Birth Inspirations Childbirth Education Training Course for Midwives

Birth Inspirations Childbirth Education Training Course is a course for midwives who want to be childbirth educators. It is an online course and can be commenced at any time.


Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers

Birth Trauma training for Birth Workers is an online course designed to give you the confidence, growth and lifelong
resilience that you need to stay in this work.


Obstetric Haematology, Obstetric Blood Management and Postpartum Haemorrhage

The aim of these courses is to increase your knowledge of the haematological and related physiological changes
that occur in pregnancy, principles of blood management and causes, prevention and management of postpartum haemorrhage.



Breastfeeding Mastered: A Program for Postpartum Professionals

An evidence based, self paced program for professionals to gain confidence, autonomy and clarity in the breastfeeding support they provide clients. Created by experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and midwife Kate Visser, this program will take you through the fundamentals of breastfeeding that every postpartum professional needs to know. 12 CPD Hours.


Breech Pro: Breech Proficiency for Birth Professionals

Breech Pro is an online, self-paced vaginal breech training course co-taught by an obstetrician with experience in both home and hospital births and in both low- and high-resource settings.


Home, sweet homebirth. A course for Midwives and Doulas developing confidence attending homebirths

8 week online Course
Claire Eccleston, Midwife, Spinning Babies (R) Approved Trainer
The course will consider current research, homebirth stories, practical resources for dealing with childbirth complexities, strategies for navigating the broader health care community, Self-care strategies to avoid burnout, strategies to improve health care provider communication.


COPE Basic Skills Accreditation in Perinatal Mental Health

Putting Perinatal Mental Health Guideline into practice. Free online course.


Perinatal Loss in Practice: What hospital staff need to know

An online, self-paced, evidence based course delivered by The Perinatal Loss Centre in partnership with COPE.


Core and Floor Restore

Online exercise and recovery program and restore yourself whilst learning.
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Core & Floor Pregnancy

This online exercise and education program is designed to mentally and physically prepare women for labour and birth. Discount link for ACM Members here


Pre-pregnancy planning and care for women with diabetes

This online course is for health professionals who provide care for women with diabetes. Three eLearning modules cover key elements of planning and preparing for pregnancy for women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.


Trauma-Informed Practice For Birth Professionals

A neuro-physiological approach to reducing the potential for birth trauma, live and recorded webinars.


Online Fetal Surveillance Education Program (OFSEP)

Our comprehensive suite of educational resources is targeted to improve the professional understanding of fetal surveillance
with the aim of reducing adverse perinatal outcomes.


The First 1000 Days Online Learning Program for Health Professionals

Current research into the Microbiome in Pregnancy, Lactation & Infancy.


The Foundation for Infant Loss: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Practitioner Training

Our Online Practitioner Training has been produced and is an exact replica of our in person study days. This means that anyone working (or is likely to work) with bereaved families can access our training, anywhere in the world.


Relationships really do save lives

This free course will show you how to help reshape the provision of maternity care globally - through relationships with women,
families, and care providers at every level.



Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Baby, healthy pregnancy weight gain training

This free Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Baby, pregnancy weight gain training is designed to prepare health professionals to engage in respectful conversations about weight and lifestyle and equip them to deliver best practice care consistent with current evidence.  


Improving Perinatal Mortality Review and Outcomes via Education (IMPROVE) eLearning Module

Address the educational needs of maternity health professionals managing perinatal death based on the PSANZ's
Perinatal Mortality Guideline.


K2 Perinatal Training Programme

The Fetal Monitoring Training and the Maternity Crisis Management Training are a series of interactive e-learning modules covering highly detailed and comprehensive content across a wide range of topics.



Professional Breastfeeding Course - Maternal Instincts by Amberley

Short course for midwives to extend their knowledge in breastfeeding support.


Further Learning – Breast Milk And The Infant Microbiome

The science of breast milk and infant formula.


Group B Strep (GBS) Online Course

5 world-class group B Strep experts in this evidence-based online course, covering the latest evidence-based information.
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Infant Microbiome Webinar

This webinar is intended to provide midwives (and other healthcare professionals) with an overall understanding of the latest evidence-based research on the science of the infant microbiome in pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.


Microbirth Online Course (Infant Microbiome and Epigenetics)

The course will help you as a health professional have a deeper understanding of the microscopic events happening during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. 


Newborn CPR

Newborn Care is an essential course for midwives who will care for both premature and full term neonates. The interactive workshop includes a range of videos demonstrating newborn examination and various emergency equipment which may need to be used.


Electronic Fetal Monitoring Modules 1-5

Electronic Fetal Monitoring remains one of the highest areas of risk across the full spectrum of healthcare.
Based on RANZCOG definitions and guidelines, IntelliLearn’s EFM course provides a focus on understanding and interpreting CTGs, as well as the management of clinical cases, with a strong focus on the physiology of the fetus.


The Suturing Workshop

This innovative online suturing course is for beginner to advanced midwives. The workshop reviews research
specific to midwifery practice & teaches you to think critically about when & how to suture.


Hypertension in Pregnancy

Learn up to date guidelines, evidence based integrative literature review, and expected management of hypertension
in pregnancy.


National Cervical Screening Program Module 1-6

Free Online Learning Modules about the program and changes. The learnings can be applied by midwives attending to the care of women needing to be screened during their pregnancy.


Newborn Mothers Collective Postpartum Training

This advanced postpartum training is for women who believe birth is about making mums too. You will show mothers how to make the first six weeks after childbirth the best six weeks of their life.


Newborn Mothers Breastfeeding

Newborn Mothers Breastfeeding course is evidence-based training for professionals who work with mothers.



Fertility Nutrition Essentials

Available Online from May 3, 2021
Fertility Nutrition Essentials is a 4 week digital course, step by step video training course that walks you through the path for providing more evidence-based holistic care to your patients.


Quit Victoria

Smoking is the most common modifiable risk factor for complications in pregnancy and poor outcomes. This 60-minute online training course will equip you with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to provide smoking cessation brief advice to pregnant women who smoke.


Administering Bicillin

Free Online Learning. Designed for those who care for people with RHD, and who deliver benzathine benzylpenicillin injections.


Women and Girls with RHD

Free Online Learning. Essential information for midwives caring for women at high risk of rheumatic heart disease in Australia. 


Women and Girls with RHD - Pregnancy

Free Online Learning. Essential information for midwives caring for women at high risk of rheumatic heart disease in Australia.


Understanding Vaccines for Midwives: Vaccination requirements during pregnancy and early childhood

This activity aims to equip midwives with knowledge and skills to feel confident to engage with women and their families
on the topic of vaccines and vaccination.


Safer Baby Bundle eLearning Module

The Safer Baby Bundle (SBB) eLearning Module is an evidence-based and collaboratively designed learning resource
to support healthcare professionals in providing best practice care in stillbirth prevention.


Antenatal Sexual Health Kit

The ASK course increases the knowledge base of antenatal service providers in the areas of sexual health history assessment
and contact tracing specific to pregnancy. 


Genetics in Pregnancy

Genetic technology advances rapidly, and it is challenging for clinicians to keep abreast of new testing options and best practice in maternity care. This course will help doctors and midwives acquire the knowledge and skills they need to confidently provide prenatal and pre-pregnancy genetic screening in their daily practice.


Point of Care Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

Delivering the knowledge base and skills required to assess gestational age, pregnancy site, pregnancy viability and fetal number with point of care ultrasound at 5 to 10 week’s gestation.


Obstetric Ultrasound Course

Be provided with knowledge base behind the accurate determination of fetal presentation, regarding assessment of fetal wellbeing at the point of care.


Comprehensive Course in Natural Fertility Education

Assisting people to achieve and avoid pregnancy across reproductive life through enhanced fertility literacy.