Continuity of Care Handbook for Hospitals and Health Services

Continuity of Care Handbook

A handbook for hospitals and health services. Originally developed by the Nursing and Midwifery Office of Queensland (NMOQ). NMOQ kindly gave the Australian College of Midwives permission to use the core content which we have adapted for use nationally.

This handbook has been developed and adapted to support services who wish to deliver continuity of midwifery care to women and families. In essence, this is a guide to making the changes needed to build these models, so that they work for staff and for women. It provides an overview of the evidence for midwifery continuity of care and provides a framework for the implementation of these in Australian health systems. This will include an overview of the key components for successful implementation. The Handbook is presented in a number of sections which build upon each other, each providing a different focus.

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